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Education is by far one of the most vital sectors for any country that wants to compete in today’s world. Knowledge and technologies are evolving at a rapid pace and if you lag far behind, you are no more viable as an economy and a country.

How Can dinCloud Solutions Transform the Education Sector?

The ongoing pandemic has directly impacted the education sector across the globe. The exposure of children to a health hazard such as Covid-19 can have catastrophic effects. So, countries across the globe are contemplating safer alternatives to on campus education.

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Distant Learning – A Viable Alternative

In the wake of this global health and safety crisis, distant learning is emerging as the most viable and secure medium to resume educational activities. The sheer scale at which schools, colleges and universities will have to adjust their systems is mind boggling.

We need a paradigm shift in terms of how our teachers have been imparting education so far. This is not any easier for students, as they are also not used to the concept of distant learning. The administrative challenges to this education model are also manifold.

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How to Leverage the Cloud for Education?

In these uncertain times, Cloud Computing solutions, such as the ones being offered by dinCloud can transform the education sector and become a key enabler for imparting the highest quality distant learning.

Let’s discuss the specific cloud services of dinCloud that can transform the education sector in a way that education can resume, regardless of what the future holds for us.

Hosting E-Learning Resources Over dinServers

Students need round the clock access to learning material from anywhere. This can be made possible by dedicated dinServers provisioned over dinCloud’s global data centers. By doing so, students will have unhindered access to study resources everywhere.

They will no longer have to rely upon on campus computer labs to gain access to courses, assignments, quizzes and other resources. Students can access them over the cloud from the safety of their homes, using the devices of their preference.

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Cloud Powered Learning Management Systems

It is high time education institutions develop Learning Management Systems (LMS) and shift them over the cloud. By leveraging state of the art cloud infrastructure of dinCloud, the entire process will become much more streamlined and efficient.

Students will be able to attempt their assignments, quizzes, tasks and projects over dinCloud hosted LMS. Both parents and teachers will be able to evaluate the performance of students in real time over the cloud.

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Virtual Computer Labs Hosted Over the Cloud

By migrating to the cloud, educational institutions will no longer need to maintain physical computer labs. Instead, all you need to do is provision dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) that will serve as the perfect substitute for physical computer labs.

Depending on the nature of courses, education institutions can assign students dinHVDs of the suitable performance specs so that students enjoy a seamless experience. dinCloud’s HVDs can even handle processing intensive workloads such as architecture and more.

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Cloud Hosted Virtual Classrooms

dinCloud’s highly advanced and efficient cloud infrastructure is very suitable for designing virtual classrooms. Here, both teachers and students will be able to interact in real time using the cloud and the learning process can continue without disruption.

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Student Databases Over the Cloud

dinCloud offers Cloud Hosted Virtual Databases that are easily capable of storing student records. Shifting admin related records over the cloud will create a lot of ease for the managements of educational institutions.

Even the simplest tasks such as tracking student enrollment levels in various courses, updating learning material, tuition fees and much more will become very efficient and streamlined. This will improve the overall performance of this sector.

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Make Research Projects Global

Colleges and universities are a nursery for innovative solutions and breakthroughs. By leveraging the cloud, your educational institution can expand the scope of research projects to a global level.

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You can invite the expertise of subject experts from across the globe thru dinCloud’s infrastructure, without ever having the need for physical interaction. One researcher of the project may be residing in Europe, while another may be based in the USA.


If you are associated to an educational institution and are looking for a technology platform for digital transformation, look no further than dinCloud. Our wide array of leading cloud services can amply serve your distant learning needs and much more.

Contact our Cloud Solution Specialists to learn more about how we at dinCloud can transform you digitally.