I have zero patience when it comes to my laptop. Zero! All I know is that I need my computer to work and I need it to work properly at all times. And to ensure that this is the case I keep my computer-obsessed husband around so he can solve my technology woes.

Space Bar Keyboard

Sad but true.
In any case, you can imagine how frustrated I was the other day when my space bar decided to fall off. Have you tried to use a keyboard without a space bar? Well trust me when I say that it’s impossible. Apparently, I use the space bar more often than I thought.

Anyways, just as I was about to commence my litany of complaints, my husband came to the rescue by setting me up on HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop) on our home computer. And he did it in a matter of minutes.
So how did HVD solve my problems? Well you can learn more about the details, but essentially HVD:

  • Stores my files in a central location. This means that as long as I have Internet access I can get to my documents no matter which computer I’m using.
  • Ensures that I won’t lose anything if my machine gets seriously damaged.
  • Ensures that I don’t have to back up my computer – which my lazy self never thinks of doing until it’s too late.

Seeing as my computer-related tantrums are now minimal, we can all agree that HVD has been a godsend in this household. It goes without saying that HVD saved my marriage…can it save yours too?

Picture Credit: http://www.laptoprepair101.com/laptop/2007/03/20/key-fell-off-keyboard/

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