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I have zero patience when it comes to my laptop. Zero! All I know is that I need my computer to work and I need it to work properly at all times. And to ensure that’s always the case, I keep my computer-obsessed spouse around to solve my technology woes.

Can dinHVDs Save the Day for You; Certainly Yes!

As sad as it may sound, its completely true!

In any case, you can imagine how frustrated I was the other day when my space bar decided to fall off. Have you tried to use a keyboard without a space bar? Well, trust me when I say that it’s impossible. Apparently, I use the space bar more often than I thought.

Anyways, just as I was about to get started with my long list of similar complaints, my spouse came to the rescue by setting me up on a Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD). And to my surprise, it was all done in a matter of minutes.

So how did a Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) solve my problems? Well, stay tuned as you can learn more about the details, mostly focused around our HVD.

First off, it stores all your valuable files and data in a central location. This means that as long as you have access to the internet, you can access any document. No need to worry about the computer you’re using or its native operating system (OS).

dinHVD also ensures you won’t lose anything, whether its data or applications. This is particularly useful in case your machine gets seriously damaged, lost or stolen.

Here’s another great news, you don’t have to back up your computer anymore – which most people tend to neglect or delay, until it’s too late.

In case of dinHVDs, we at dinCloud have designed a robust backup mechanism for your data that’s built into the cloud service itself.

This is great news for Business Continuity (BC), as you can recover your data from one of our latest backups, that’s maybe a few hours or one day old at the most.

Seeing as my computer-related tantrums are now minimal, we can all agree that dinHVD is a true lifesaver at times. With these hardware glitches out of way, you can truly focus on the things that actually matter, such as productivity.

dinHVD does not stop to surprise us just yet. With this innovative solution, your productivity or that of your employees is no more confined to organizational or geographical boundaries. Enjoy “On the Go Productivity” with dinHVDs.

Worried about your dreaded anti virus software never being up to date, that makes the two of us! With dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops, security of data is no longer your concern, as dinCloud does it for you as part n parcel of its cloud services.

You get the best and latest in security, which include encryption, virtual firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, protection from malware and ransomware, Two Factor User Authentication (2FA) and endpoint security for servers and desktops.

This was just a glimpse of the rich features and benefits offered by dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). It is often said that “seeing is believing”. Well, at dinCloud, our motto is “using is believing”.

We don’t say that just as a promotion tactic, we actually do it. For this very reason, we at dinCloud offer a 14 Day Free Trial of our industry leading Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). This is ample time to get to know better about dinHVDs.

This trial period will not only help you adjust with the new environment, it shall also enable you to understand the true capability of our Hosted Virtual Desktops. We are quite sure you’d be using your very own dinHVD, well before the above trial period expires.

For more information on our Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or Request Information to speak with a cloud specialist.