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The ongoing global crisis has put even the finest Business Continuity (BC) systems through a daunting test. If we conduct an impartial analysis, we shall note that barring a handful of examples, most BC mechanisms could not deliver amidst this crisis.

Perhaps so far, we have been preparing for some other types of contingencies. Who would have thought that a disease could reach such astronomical proportions that it would disrupt the whole wide world?

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Rethinking BC and DR

Now is the best time to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate both Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) systems. What makes this task even more challenging is the resource constraints most organizations would be facing by now.

So, is there a BC and DR system that ticks all the right boxes such as reliability, scalability, security and cost effectiveness? Well, the answer to all the above elements lies in one game changing technology, which is Cloud Computing.

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Let’s discuss some defining characteristics of cloud solutions, such as the ones offered by leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud. We will focus on those elements of cloud services that enhance your resilience as a business.

Capability for Remote Work

The ability to sustain core operations remotely has made the difference between the survival and closure of businesses. Cloud solutions, such as Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) are amply equipped to support workloads remotely.

Even if your employees can’t show up for work, they can still avail round the clock access to organizational data, processes and applications over the cloud. It literally makes no difference whether they use official or personal login devices.

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Remote Collaboration

Organizations can’t ensure a high level of productivity without teamwork. However, globally imposed lockdowns made physical team interaction impossible. In this connectivity crisis, cloud powered collaboration platforms proved a true lifesaver.

Using cloud based online collaboration tools, companies were able to conduct virtual meetings. Most of these services supported video, voice, screen and document sharing, which drastically improved coordination among remotely working teams.

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Distant Learning

The education sector was one of the hardest hit from the ongoing pandemic. With on campus education indefinitely suspended, cloud powered distance learning platforms bridged the gap. The cloud served as a platform for imparting education remotely.

Virtual classes over the cloud enabled real time interaction between teachers and students. In an environment where one could not think of resuming education, cloud technologies saved the day yet again.

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Business Continuity (BC)

Cloud services, such as the ones offered by dinCloud, accompany business continuity (BC) built into the service itself. This is achieved through a global footprint of highly advanced data centers with nearly limitless storage and compute.

Housing your data in cloud data centers, such as the ones offered by dinCloud, ensures you no longer have to rely purely over on-premise IT infrastructures. Cloud users can avail uninterrupted access to their data and apps, regardless of wherever they are.

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Cloud Telemedicine

Healthcare providers were hit the hardest by this global medical crisis. The patient load amidst this pandemic was overwhelming for even the best equipped medical centers. There were many non Covid-19 patients that still needed access to doctors for advice.

In such a tricky situation, the cloud saved the day for us by providing a highly secure, compliant and efficient gateway for telemedicine. Through this system, healthcare providers were able to furnish life saving medical advice from the safety of the Cloud.

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Disaster Recovery (DR)

When businesses scrambled for remote work solutions in a bid to sustain critical operations, security could not get the due importance. The hasty implementation of remote work platforms left gaps in cyber security.

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These gaps attracted the attention of an unprecedented number of cyber miscreants, who could easily exploit these gaps to inflict irreparable damage. Most companies were forced to negotiate with the perpetrators of ransomware attacks after getting breached.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud adopt a holistic approach to cyber security. Your data is secured thru encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, malware and ransomware protection, user authentication and endpoint protection.

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These stringent security protocols are nearly impossible to circumvent. Lastly, CSPs like dinCloud obtain fully reliable backups of your cloud hosted resources regularly. This means you simply have to restore your last known best configuration from our backups.


The cloud is a powerful and robust technology platform that elevates your organizational resilience to a whole new level. With a cloud provider like dinCloud at your disposal, rest assured your worries are a thing of the past.