Many companies out there are claiming that they specialize in cloud computing these days. Virtualized environments are secure, efficient, and cost effective, so who can blame them? While it’s easy to say, to be a specialist in cloud computing takes a lot of expertise and resources. dinCloud has both.

dinCloud was created with cloud in mind. What does that mean to you? It means that we are able to offer a full range of virtualization-based cloud services that are customized for your business model.

And how do we do what we do? We have formed a coalition of technology companies representing a stack of over 20 components to create our cloud offerings and provide support to our customers. We call this the dinStack. dinStack has a joint go-to-market strategy along with a union of technology support. As a unified group, dinStack has overcome technology challenges faster than companies that operate by parceling out technology specialties, because of the commitment to work together and the expertise brought together from many different layers within the next generation datacenter. In addition to being able to rapidly support customer issues, dinStack is also able to accelerate and integrate new customer requirements and fulfill roadmap designs faster.

When it comes to desktop virtualization, delivered on-premise or in the cloud, dinStack has a comprehensive and cohesive team of technology partners. These partners are in constant communication to share ideas and challenges as thought leaders in the space. dinStack is the ultimate cloud coalition.

For more information on our Cloud Solutions, please visit our Products page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.