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Many companies out there are claiming they specialize in Cloud Computing these days. Virtualized Environments are secure, efficient, and cost effective, so who can blame them?

The Ultimate Cloud Coalition

While it’s easy to claim so, being a specialist in cloud computing takes a lot of expertise and resources. Good for you; dinCloud has both. dinCloud was created with a cloud first approach. What does that mean for you as a potential cloud user?

It means we are able to offer a full range of virtualization based cloud services that are customized to your business model and IT infrastructure needs. And how do we deliver on these performance parameters?

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Well, we have formed a “coalition” of technology companies representing a stack of over 20 individual components. By optimally combining these building blocks as, when and however needed, we create our cloud offerings tailored to your needs.

At dinCloud, we are fully aware of the challenges that you may face during the cloud adoption phase. For this, we offer some of the industry’s best Customer Support that’s available 24/7/365 over multiple communication channels.

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We like to call this the “dinStack”. It has a joint go-to-market strategy, along with a union of technology support. As a unified group, dinStack has overcome technology challenges much faster and more effectively than companies which operate by parceling out technology.

A cloud based service delivery model is an intricate mix and match of multiple technologies. For a secure and seamless end user experience (UX), each of these technologies much function in complete harmony with the other building blocks.

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While a tech company may be very strong in one area, say cyber security, it doesn’t mean it would be as effective in cloud technologies or desktop virtualization. For this reason, the concept of dinStack revolves around specialization. Let the experts take care of what they do best and leverage their extraordinary capabilities to deliver value to cloud users.

Due to a strong commitment to work together and the right expertise, dinCloud has been able to secure a place among the industry’s top Cloud Service Providers (CSP). In addition to being able to rapidly support customer issues, dinStack is also able to accelerate and integrate new customer requirements and fulfill roadmap designs faster as well as in time.

A vital component of our cloud delivery model are state of the art data centers. These data centers have been established globally at strategic locations, with a view to serve a worldwide base of cloud users.

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We have secured our data centers by leveraging the best solutions when it comes to encryption, intrusion detection and protection, ransomware and malware protection, multi factor user authentication, endpoint protection and more.

To serve a global cloud user base across multitude of industries, including heavily regulated ones, dinCloud has obtained independent, third party certifications for the privacy and security of your valuable data.

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These data center certifications are recognized internationally, which means you won’t have to worry about meeting the stringent regulatory compliances in vogue today. Our robust security is further consolidated by these independent certifications.

When it comes to desktop virtualization, delivered on-premise or in the cloud, dinStack has a comprehensive and cohesive team of technology partners. These partners are in constant communication to share ideas and challenges as thought leaders in the space.

dinCloud offers a wide range of fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), Virtual Servers and Virtual Databases. This was made possible by channelizing and leveraging decades of experience gained in the cloud space.

For more information on our Cloud Solutions, please visit our Products page or Request Information to speak with one of our seasoned cloud specialists.