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The cloud solutions offered by dinCloud can be tailored to a large number of use cases. As your reliance on our cloud services increases, so does the size of your cloud environment and its complexity.

dinManage Portal GUI

As our valued cloud user, it has always been our priority at dinCloud to provide you with maximum visibility into your cloud deployment. We are also fully aware that you may not have in-depth cloud skills, but that should not prevent you from managing the cloud. Access the New dinManage Portal using the web address

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dinManage – Your Visibility into the Cloud

To cater to the diverse needs of our cloud users, the developers at dinCloud visualized a Cloud Management Portal that would give you full visibility into your cloud deployments. This vision translated into reality with the development of dinManage.

dinManage is a highly intuitive and user friendly web based portal that gives you real time access to your entire cloud environment. It also allows you to manage all aspects of your dinCloud hosted private cloud from a single user interface (UI).

Why We Revamped dinCloud?

Over the past few years, dinCloud has witnessed rapid expansion at the global scale. We have maintained a consistent growth trajectory by constantly expanding the range of our best in class cloud solutions and services.

Lately, it was strongly felt that dinManage needs to be revamped to incorporate the wide range of cloud services now being offered by dinCloud. Although we had constantly been making small improvements to dinManage, a complete revamp seemed the best solution.

In this post, we will give you an overview of the advancements we have achieved in dinManage after a successful revamp of our cloud portal.

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Refreshed User Interface (UI)

The designers at dinCloud have completely given a refreshed look and feel to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of dinManage. Now, our users get all the key metrics of their cloud environment right at the home screen.

In case you want to explore further or execute in depth processes, you can now easily navigate between logically laid out menus and sub menus. This refreshed UI of dinManage will drastically improve the User Experience (UX).

Standardization of Code

The code that runs in the background of dinManage is its lifeblood. The code behind our dinManage cloud orchestration portal had gone through constant evolution. In our revamp of dinManage, we went beyond cosmetic changes and moved towards the backend coding.

dinCloud’s dedicated developers accepted the daunting task of analyzing the code right down to its core. We removed any inconsistencies in the code of dinManage and achieved across the board code standardization.

This exercise of standardizing the code has immensely improved the end user experience, as the tasks and processes you execute through dinManage now take way less time. With this step complete, it has become quite easy for us to make improvements in future as well.

Code Optimization

After successful standardization of dinManage code, our expert developers moved on to code optimization. In this process, we critically analyzed the performance of dinManage initiated processes and removed any inefficiencies in our code.

This in turn has resulted in a blazing fast user experience, as an optimized code accomplishes tasks in record low times. With code optimization, we have achieved unprecedented efficiencies when executing tasks or processes via dinManage.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Security has always been one of the core priorities at dinCloud. This becomes ever more important in the case of dinManage, as it is a gateway to your cloud environment. As part of our revamp, we have successfully implemented 2FA before login to dinManage.

This has further enhanced the security of your overall cloud deployment. Our 2FA protocol relies on both static and dynamic login credentials so that even if the “static” part of your login is compromised, an intruder still cannot gain access to your cloud environment.

Addition of New Features

With dinManage, it was our goal to give you full visibility and autonomy over your cloud deployment. To accomplish this goal, we have successfully added a number of useful features to the revamped dinManage portal.

Now, you can manage dinCloud hosed Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers and Virtual Databases from a single user interface. The enhanced features of dinManage enable you to manage virtual machines much more easily and effectively.

Another key feature includes ease of assigning and managing the roles of various cloud users. Similarly, the revamped dinManage app allows you to assign virtual applications to dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops in a matter of few clicks.

Responsive Design

It was our goal to bring dinManage at par with the best cloud management portals globally. A responsive design was critical for achieving this milestone. After the revamp of dinManage, you can avail its full functionality and features over multiple device platforms.

The revamped dinManage gives you seamless access to your cloud environment, whether you access it from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This design enhancement has included dinManage in the league of top cloud management applications globally.


A revamped dinManage portal speaks volumes of the value dinCloud attaches to its cloud users. Unlike some other cloud providers that either don’t have management portals or offer no substantive functionality, dinManage puts you, our cloud user, in the driving seat.

Our completely revamped dinManage Portal will be instrumental in providing you full visibility into dinCloud hosted cloud environments. This new design will add further value, efficiency and functionality for our valuable cloud users.

Contact Us please if you have any further questions about dinCloud’s completely revamped Cloud Management Portal, dinManage.