dinManage is a cloud orchestration platform that puts the control of your infrastructure back into your hands. Manage your cloud infrastructure with ease and flexibility. Easily provision IT infrastructure including: servers, desktops, storage, and applications to a virtual private data center.

As your business requires, scale resources up or down.

With dinManage, you gain full transparency and an easy-to-use platform through which you can manage your secure cloud environment.

Cloud Orchestration Diagram - IT as a Service

Control Back in your Hands

Developed with ease in mind and security at its core, dinManage is the control center for your virtual private data center. Some key features available through the dinManage orchestration portal are:

  • Create new servers or desktops with customizable specs
  • Track order history
  • Track changes to your account
  • Create Admin users
  • Remotely control servers or desktops
  • Add or remove hardware components-Memory, CPU, Disk


dinManage uses a two factor authentication policy. Upon login, users will receive a Token via email, call or SMS, that is required for access to the platform.

dinManage gives added visibility into the security mechanisms available through dinCloud. From the cloud orchestrationplatform, users can leverage and apply security measures (like the following) to their virtual private data center.

  • Dedicated Virtual Firewalls/Routers
  • IP addressing on all components
  • DNS Management
  • Dedicated VPNs per customer
  • IP Reputation logs on both internal and external traffic

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Want full transparency, ease of use, and security as the backbone of your cloud infrastructure? dinManage is a cloud orchestration platform that puts control back in your hands. To learn more, check out our dinManage page, or request more information.