What are dinCloud’s Priorities?

At dinCloud, our top most priority is unmatched security and we have been delivering on this promise for the past many years. However, we attach an equally high importance to End User Experience (UX).

Well, it all starts from empowering our cloud users by giving them more visibility into their cloud deployments. How can you develop trust and confidence in a technology or system which you can’t see?

Motivation behind dinManage

With this very goal in mind, dinCloud designed a highly intuitive and user friendly cloud management portal that we named dinManage. As its very name suggests, this portal allows you to manage all key aspects of your cloud deployment from a single interface.

What Makes dinManage Stand Out?

We won’t deny there may be similar portals out there but none of them delivers the level of functionality and visibility that dinManage offers. Due to our unwavering commitment to quality, our expert developers and designers are constantly at work to improve dinManage.

The Successful Revamp of dinManage

Although the improvement process never stops at dinCloud, we have recently achieved a major successful overhaul of dinManage. These were not incremental improvements, rather we have tried to take your experience with dinManage to new heights.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect from our revamped dinManage cloud orchestration portal.

Modernized User Interface

The user interface (UI) of dinManage has been revamped to present an up-to-date look and feel. The UI has a direct correlation with User Experience (UX). The newly designed UI of dinManage is much more user and navigation friendly than before.

Standardized and Optimized Code

As with any application, dinManage also has a code that runs in the background to execute the user’s commands and workflows. dinCloud’s highly motivated developers have adopted a ground up approach and standardized the entire coding behind dinManage.

This daunting exercise has removed any inconsistencies in coding that may develop over time, especially if more than one developer has worked on coding. Once we standardized the entire code of dinManage, we moved towards its optimization.

By achieving successful optimization of dinManage code, we have been able to improve User Experience (UX) substantially. The optimized code now executes tasks and processes initiated from dinManage in record low times.

Addition of New Features

Over the years, dinCloud has been constantly expanding its range of cloud services. So, it was imperative to integrate our wide array of cloud services with dinManage. In doing so, we were able to give more autonomy to our valued cloud users.

With addition of new features into dinManage, our end users can manage even more processes from a single user interface. This has greatly improved the ability of dinCloud users to tweak their cloud deployments with ever changing needs.

Responsive Design

With the immense growth of dinCloud and its cloud services, the user base has been increasing exponentially. dinCloud is highly committed to align its cloud services and products with the latest technology trends.

A responsive design is the hallmark of any well designed User Interface (UI). What this means is that whether a cloud user opens dinManage over a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the user experience must be consistent and seamless.

dinManage portal has now been made fully responsive to all major device platforms. Whether you access dinManage over your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will enjoy a user friendly and fully responsive design that will adapt to your device platform.

dinManage – The Pinnacle of Cloud Management Portals

With our recently revamped design, dinCloud has taken dinManage to new heights. The feedback we are receiving from our valuable cloud users about the revamp is simply phenomenal. Your encouragement goes a long way in keeping us motivated.

Feel free to Contact Us for any questions or clarifications you may have about dinManage or any of its new features.

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