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Owing to super fast and safe means of transport, distances have shrunk really fast. Now, we are in a time when super sonic passenger jets are also in advanced stages of development. This would mean travel becomes even faster than what it is today.

Why Should the Hospitality Industry Use dinCloud Services?

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of modern means of transport. This industry broadly includes restaurants, hotels, motels and much more. Whether it’s for work or leisure, we rely on this industry mostly when away from home.

Hospitality Industry and Guest Experience

If you define the hospitality industry in two plain words, its all about “guest experience”. It all starts from the reservation process, right down to when you finally check out from the place you selected to stay during your travel.

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A Super Competitive Industry – Hospitality

The hospitality industry has some of the fiercest competition. As a service provider, you have to offer something special to prospective guests and at a competitive price. So, keeping the costs down and maximizing efficiency are major considerations.

Importance of IT in the Hospitality Sector

As nearly everything has moved to the internet now, the hospitality sector is no exception. Now, service providers that want to compete with big industry players are left with no other option but to adopt the latest IT related tools and trends in their business.

Complexity of Operations

In the hospitality sector, the nature of operations is quite complex. There are super tight schedules to meet and unless everything is perfectly in sync, you simply can’t provide the memorable experience to your guests that they are expecting.

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How do Cloud Solutions fit in Hospitality?

Cloud Powered Solutions, such as the ones offered by emerging Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud can create a lot of ease and efficiency in the operations of hospitality providers. Let’s discuss how.

Host Your Hotel Management Systems over dinServers

dinCloud has a global footprint of highly advanced data centers. We create dedicated virtual servers over these data centers to host your Hotel Management Software. When hosted over our cloud infrastructure, you will enjoy unmatched availability and speed.

When hosted over the cloud, the entire management of the hotel will have real time access to real time data about occupancy levels, vacant rooms, upcoming events to host and much more. This will immensely streamline your day to day operations.

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Sensitive Customer Information

The hospitality industry comes into contact with private and sensitive information about its guests. This information may include their past travel history as well as any destinations they plan to visit next. If this information falls in the wrong hands, it can breach privacy.

Another highly sensitive information about guests is their credit card details, through which most people tend to pay their bills. Hospitality providers may lack the expertise and tools to secure this information from potential miscreants in the cyber space.

Compliant Data Centers

On the contrary, why not entrust this sensitive guest information to a trust worthy custodian like dinCloud? Our global data centers have been certified by independent third parties for the best international compliance standards for data privacy and security.

To name a few, dinCloud’s data centers comply with HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53/FI, PCI DSS, SOC Type I and II, SS 507, SS 567 and TVRA standards for data security. By entrusting dinCloud with your sensitive information, you no longer have to worry about cyber threats.

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Host Your Reservation Systems on dinCloud H3

In the hospitality industry, things change real fast and you have to keep up. So, it’s a prudent choice to host your reservation portals over dinCloud’s highly advanced and responsive cloud infrastructure.

By doing so, guests will have access to real time information about vacant rooms, event openings and the ongoing fares. As hospitality industry is based on seasonality, you will be able to maximize your occupancy levels thru access to real time industry data.

Scale with Seasonal Trends

dinCloud’s infrastructure allows you to scale our services up or down in real time. In this way, you can better align your IT infrastructure costs with existing trends. The great thing is, you pay only for our cloud resources that you actually use.

The Cloud and Hospitality – A Perfect Combo

You can’t imagine the operational and cost efficiencies that can be realized by migrating to dinCloud’s infrastructure. We have some of the best Customer Support in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff and focus on pleasing your guests.

For any further information about dinCloud’s leading Cloud Services and Solutions, please feel free to Contact Us.