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The ongoing pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for the global demand of Desktop as a Service or DaaS solutions across the globe. This was revealed in a recent study conducted on the growth outlook for the DaaS market till the year 2026.

Covid-19 Pandemic Proves a Catalyst for Growth in DaaS

The Largest DaaS Market

According to the report’s findings, North America emerged as the region with the largest market share of the overall DaaS market. This can be attributed to the highly developed IT and communications infrastructure in this region.

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Region with the Best Projected Growth

It is expected that the Asia Pacific region will show the strongest growth in the DaaS market. This has been forecast on the basis of two main factors. Firstly, there is an increasing trend in the adoption of DaaS solutions in this region.

Secondly, the Asia Pacific region is home to one of the world’s largest networks of Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Unlike large organizations, SMEs see a lot of advantage and value in cloud solutions such as DaaS.

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Why are SMEs Adopting DaaS?

According to the study, SMEs have a strong rate of DaaS adoption due to two notable factors. Firstly, SMEs lack the financial and human resources to manage a complex cloud infrastructure on premise, often referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI.

Secondly, DaaS is the perfect platform for SMEs to provide them with the instant scalability that’s key to their survival and long term growth. DaaS solutions also enable small to medium sized businesses to compete with larger, more established industry players.

DaaS Adoption by Large Enterprises

The research also noted that DaaS solutions such as dinHVD are also gaining a lot of attention from larger corporations. Although they have the requisite financial and human resources to pull off a powerful VDI solution, most chose in favor of DaaS.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose DaaS over VDI is elimination of the need to maintain on premise servers or data centers altogether. By adopting DaaS, large enterprises no longer require huge IT teams to manage their hardware and infrastructure.

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DaaS – The Perfect Outsourcing Model

Present day DaaS solutions such as dinHVD are an excellent model for outsourcing of IT infrastructure. Instead of managing the hardware yourself, this function is performed by a third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

The advantages of DaaS don’t just end at the hardware segment. The cloud provider (CSP) will also manage additional key aspects such as storage, applications, data, backup and in most cases, even Disaster Recovery (DR).

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Transition from CapEx to OpEx Model

As per the research, the other reason that’s fuelling the growth of DaaS solutions such as dinHVD by dinCloud is that it is billed on a “pay as you use” model. This enables enterprises using DaaS to transition from a CapEx model to a purely OpEx cost model.

Take the example of dinCloud, a leading cloud provider (CSP) in the North American region, which has a flat rate monthly subscription model for its DaaS solution called dinHVD. Such a costing model further improves the viability of DaaS for many enterprises.

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Pandemic Triggers the Demand for DaaS

The ongoing pandemic has further accelerated the demand for DaaS solutions like dinHVD. This can be attributed to the overnight demand from thousands of enterprises globally to support fully remote workers in a stable, highly available and secure environment.

DaaS proved to be the ideal cloud technology to fill this gap in the minimum possible time with stable, highly predictable costs. As remote work becomes the new norm for many businesses, we can expect further rise in the demand for DaaS solutions.

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Future Trends in DaaS Growth

Due to the above and many other contributing factors, we can expect the global DaaS market to grow at a pace that easily outnumbers the overall growth of the IT sector as a whole. We are also seeing more investment by cloud providers (CSP) in DaaS.

If you are also an enterprise that’s looking for a viable, secure and flexible productivity platform, then dinHVD by dinCloud is the perfect DaaS solution for your needs. Contact Us for any further information or queries you may have about DaaS.