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Secure Database Capabilities of SQL 2016 - dinCloud

To attackers, databases are the new banks; they want to break into them, because that's where the valuable information is. If you're using SQL Server, you benefit from the lowest number of vulnerabilities of any major database over the last six years (according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, compared to systems like Oracle, MySQL and SAP HANA).

SQL Server 2016 features by edition – dinCloud

In less than a week, users will be able to access the newest edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2016.  Starting on June 1st, users will have access to all four versions of SQL Server 2016, which will include Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer, and it will be licensed per core, rather than per processor.

Microsoft is going to end Support for SQL 2005 on April 12th, 2016

There’s another looming April deadline you have forgotten about, and this one’s just as critical as your annual filing. Just don’t tell the IRS. The often cited SQL Server 2005 end of support deadline is finally upon us. This means that Microsoft will no longer release security updates, and continuing to run SQL Server 2005 could put your organization’s compliance and security at risk.

dinSQL Recap: What You Need to Know about Hosted SQL Server - dinCloud

Are you up to speed on the benefits of hosting SQL databases in the cloud?  We recently announced a hosted SQL Server offering powered by dinCloud infrastructure, and have compiled related resources to bring you up to date on the benefits of cloud-hosted SQL.

This page serves as a central resource for content related to SQL Server from Microsoft. We’ve compiled links to content both internal on our site where we host SQL Server for customers and to external resources you might find helpful.

SQL Server Pages

We’ve consolidated this repository of pages related to SQL Server and divided it into a few sub-categories.

Microsoft SQL Standard and Enterprise share several features, but there are also many differences. From pricing and scalability to performance and functionality, each server is tailored to businesses with varying needs. To identify the right edition for your business, consider the following criteria.

Microsoft’s focus on cloud computing has been one of its defining characteristics lately, and especially apparent in the business intelligence space.

Sure, Microsoft’s SQL server relational database management and analysis system is the ideal platform for e-commerce, data center, and line-of-business solutions.


If your organization is still using SQL Server 2005, this might be a good time to begin mapping out your strategy for replacing the 10-year-old relational database management system.  Come April 12th of next year, Microsoft is pulling the plug on extended support for SQL Server 2005.

The good news if you’ve successfully migrated off of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 operating system is that you no longer need to worry about the fast-approaching date when support for that product ends. The bad news is that you may have a whole new upgrade process awaiting you.

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