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Are you up to speed on the benefits of hosting SQL databases in the cloud?  We recently announced a hosted SQL Server offering powered by dinCloud infrastructure, and have compiled related resources to bring you up to date on the benefits of cloud-hosted SQL.

dinSQL Recap: What You Need to Know about Hosted SQL Server - dinCloud

If you’re wondering why you would look to dinCloud over other SQL providers; simply put, our cloud can help you get more out of your databases. Most importantly – more uptime, more reliability and more peace of mind. Inherent security measures within our architecture mean that your data is better protected.

Other benefits that companies can expect from a hosted SQL Server solution are: reduced spend via a flat monthly cost structure, BC/DR support, reduced downtime, maintenance support, and database scalability.

How You Can Use dinSQL

We offer up dinSQL in four ways – depending on how you use SQL, you can select from the following dinSQL configurations. This ensures you get exactly what you need with no wasted spend.

Back Up Your Database

If you’re looking to back up data – you can do so with dinCloud by leveraging Veeam Any Connect or dinCloud’s d3 storage.

High Availability

Mission critical workloads require high availability infrastructure.  Our HA configuration leverages Always-On SQL availability groups for DR and HA to improve database availability.

Hybrid Cloud

Replicate your on-prem SQL instances in the cloud as part of your BC/DR strategy.

Hosted SQL

Maximize the benefits of the cloud by hosting your entire infrastructure with dinCloud.

Interested in learning more?

We have a number of SQL Server resources available on our website. See the related links for content related to dinSQL.

dinSQL Overview

dinSQL Use Cases

dinSQL Benefits

A few media outlets are also talking about dinSQL. See these articles if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of hosted SQL.