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There’s another looming April deadline you have forgotten about, and this one’s just as critical as your annual filing. Just don’t tell the IRS. The often cited SQL Server 2005 end of support deadline is finally upon us. This means that Microsoft will no longer release security updates, and continuing to run SQL Server 2005 could put your organization’s compliance and security at risk. Luckily, there are several options available to organizations who have not yet migrated from the 10-year-old platform.  With cloud being a popular migration path for legacy SQL Server databases, this article will cover the benefits of a hosted SQL Server solution.

Microsoft is going to end Support for SQL 2005 on April 12th, 2016

Simplify Maintenance and Avoid Future End-of-Support Upgrades

Moving to the cloud means that maintenance – and future updates – won’t remain a concern for your organization. Certain cloud providers – like dinCloud – offer support when you need it. This allows you to alleviate the burden on your internal staff so they can focus elsewhere. Managed services are also available to facilitate your migration to the cloud.

Scalability with a Hosted SQL Server Solution

One of the most commonly cited benefits of a cloud solution is the ease at which you can scale. Unlike database servers you are not tied to a fixed set of resources with a cloud solution. You can easily scale up or down as your database requirements fluctuate.

Security with a Hosted SQL Server Solution

With security as a prime motivator for upgrading from SQL Server 2005, opting for a secure cloud platform makes sense. dinCloud  has multiple, inherent security measures including a dedicated SSL gateway, 2 factor authentication, and data encryption, to name a few.

High Availability

There’s support in the cloud for mission critical workloads with high availability architecture. Distributed resources safeguard critical databases, with is especially critical during peak traffic hours.

Operational Expense Model

Pay-as-you-go in the cloud. Unlike traditional methods, the cloud allows you to pay only for what you consume, unlike application servers, which you pay for whether you use them or not. This allows you to upgrade without significant capital expenditure.

Next Steps for SQL Server 2005 End of Support

If you are affected by the end of support deadline, watch our webinar “It’s too late to migrate.” With the deadline now behind us, it really is too late. Luckily, the cloud can come to your rescue.

For additional information, you can also view our hosted SQL Server webpages or contact us.