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This page serves as a central resource for content related to SQL Server from Microsoft. We’ve compiled links to content both internal on our site where we host SQL Server for customers and to external resources you might find helpful.

SQL Server Pages

We’ve consolidated this repository of pages related to SQL Server and divided it into a few sub-categories.

Articles about SQL Server

In this first article, we have a comparison of SQL Server Enterprise and SQL Server Standard versions. In particular this is the 2014 edition of SQL Server.

Comparing Microsoft SQL Standard vs. Enterprise

A lot of companies that were using Windows Server 2003 also were on SQL Server 2005. We find that many of these companies are looking for migration plans or ideas. Here are a few tips on migrating and upgrading from SQL Server 2005.

Four Migration Options To Ease Your SQL Server 2005 End-of-Support Pains

Microsoft made a lot of headlines with the announcement of SQL Server 2016. There was buzz about support for containers, and many other goodies. This article specifically covers those related to BI (Business Intelligence)

Expect Plenty of Business Intelligence Goodies in SQL Server 2016

A comparison between Microsoft SQL Standard and Enterprise as they share various features but there are also so many differences. From pricing and scalability to functionality and performance, each one is tailored to fit into fluctuating business needs.

Various migration plans to ease sql server migration pains

SQL Server Helpful Videos

These links are for those looking for a more rich media experience of SQL Server information.

Starting with a webinar on SQL Server and scenarios for using hosted SQL Server

SQL Server Basics from

TechEd features of SQL Server 2014

SQL Server Social Media

Trying to find information on SQL Server on social media can be overwhelming. Here are a few of our picks.

SQL Server content from SlideShare

This popular slideshare covers the Basics of SQL Server

An overview of SQL Server 2014

A technical review of SQL Server 2014

A very deep dive into SQL Server 2016 – over 100 slides

SQL Server related Twitter accounts

Here are a couple of accounts we like to follow on Twitter.

@SQLServer – Microsoft’s official twitter account for SQL Server

@SQLPASS – Professional association of SQL Server

@SQLServerMag – SQL Server Pro publication

@Wendy_Dance – SQL PASS Board Member

SQL Server External Resources and Links

The following are a few sites that have content specific to SQL Server.

Microsoft TechNet site for SQL Server

SQL Server 2016 first public preview

All About SQL server ( 2008, 2012, 2014 & 2016 coming soon )

SQL Server Blogs

10 New Features Worth Exploring in SQL Server 2016

A slideshare on how to control resources within SQL server

The best books on SQL Server

Keeping up with the vast capabilities of SQL Server isn’t easy – even databases for that matter. Here are a few references – whether you prefer to buy your books from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble:

Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes

Best selling books for SQL server

Top 10 highly recommended sql server books

Amazon best sellers for sql server:

Additional SQL Server Links?

Have suggestions? Please tweet us @dinCloud with your suggestion of other pages we should link to that are related to SQL Server.

Why all these SQL Server Links?

We’d like to be your hub for anything related to SQL Server. Whether that is information, services, or hosting of SQL Server databases in the cloud.

What about dinSQL ?

Well, since you asked – yes, we do offer hosted SQL. Here are some of our product pages.

What is SQL server / overview?

Various use cases for SQL server (Cloud vs on prem).

Benefits of hosted SQL servers.

Why hosted SQL server from dinCloud specifically?