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The modern workspace is evolving from many angles and digitization is an important component of this process. The physical boundaries of the workspace are blurring as we move towards more automation and digitization.

What is a Digital Workspace and Its Key Benefits?

We can define the Digital Workspace as a cohesive mechanism that is responsible for delivering compute, storage, apps and data to employees regardless of their physical location. The concept of a digital workspace is independent of time and space.

Characteristics of a Digital Workspace

While the exact preferences of each enterprise will vary depending on the nature of workloads and the industry, here are a few key components of a digital workspace.

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Unified Productivity Ecosystem

A digital workspace encompasses all the tools and other requisites that your workforce needs to get the job done in a single platform. This ensures a hassle free access to all the information and processes at the organizational level.

Secure Infrastructure

Many cyber security concerns and challenges emerge once an organization opts in favor of a digital workspace. It is imperative that any such platform is secured from both internal vulnerabilities and external threats.

Intelligent and Evolving

To reap the true benefits of a digital workspace, it has to be intelligent and constantly evolving. By automating certain aspects of such a workspace, employees can focus their energies towards the tasks that actually matter, such as innovation or R&D.

dinWorkspace – Your Digitization Highway

Why go through the hassle of setting up an on premise digital workspace when you have a reliable and secure Cloud Service Provider like dinCloud. One of our flagship offerings, dinWorkspace is your best bet towards digitization.

Why Prefer dinWorkspace?

This is a high performance digital workspace that is served from dinCloud’s global data centers. You can seamlessly integrate your data and applications with our dinWorkspace and enjoy on the go productivity.

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How Digital Workspaces Benefit Organizations?

Now, we will discuss a few compelling advantages of a digital workspace and how it adds overall value to the organization.

Unmatched User Experience (UX)

One way of looking at your workforce is as if they are your end users. After all, their output and productivity has a direct impact on your organization’s productivity and customer satisfaction. A well designed digital workspace takes UX to a whole new level.

Your employees no longer have to login and logout of so many devices each day. Whether an employee accesses the digital workspace from the office, home or elsewhere, work can resume right from where it was left off, without the hassles of log ins etc.

Improved Security

A digital workspace like dinHVD also doubles down as a secure repository of valuable organizational data. Your data is no longer scattered over multiple employee devices, some of which may even be employee’s personal devices.

Despite the unlimited accessibility that a digital workspace offers, security is never compromised the least bit. Mission critical data and apps remain securely stored in the service provider’s data centers such as dinCloud.

Leading digital workspace providers like dinCloud adopt a multi tier approach to security. Some key cyber security features include virtual firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, two factor authentication (2FA) and more.

Individual organizations, especially small to medium businesses, lack both the financial and human resources to undertake this mammoth task. Data is much more secure as it’s maintained centrally and under many cyber security checks.

Data Breach and Theft Prevention

A digital workspace not only unifies data, but also encapsulates it under multiple layers of security. Access to data residing over dinWorkspaces is granted only after successful authentication of each legitimate user via 2FA.

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With no data residing over employee devices, the exposure to data breach or theft related risks is greatly reduced. A digital workspace also facilitates the task of monitoring network traffic and identifying internal vulnerabilities and external threats.

Adopting New Technologies

The digital workspace greatly helps in adopting new technologies. The troubles related to arranging and then managing any underlying hardware are addressed. In this case, the adoption cycle of new tech is greatly reduced, making room for innovation.

Supporting a Remote Workforce

A digital workspace such as dinHVD is highly suited for a remote workforce. You can provide a seamless employee experience regardless of their physical location. This enables entities to enjoy unparalleled flexibility in terms of human resources.


Given the sheer pace of digitization and automation, digital workspaces will soon become a necessity rather than choice. It is a prudent approach to select an established Cloud Provider (CSP) like dinCloud for your digitization journey.