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In the age of innovation, dinCloud tops the list for constantly working to enhance its cloud offering. dinCloud has just recently announced dinWorkspace, a new clutter-free virtual desktop allow users to experience Windows 10 natively through their desktop without third party connection brokers or components. 

dinCloud’s Directly Connects Microsoft to Microsoft

dinWorkspace, dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktop offering, was previously referred to as dinHVD. dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktops can add a range of benefits available through its cloud-hosted infrastructure, including:

  • Cost Savings

Businesses seeking a hosted cloud solution will realize that dinCloud’s monthly subscription pricing with no hidden fees can help them save on upfront capital and outdated on-premises maintenance fees.

  • Higher Productivity

Users in a business will be able to obtain higher productivity levels by accessing their work information from any device, any place, anytime.

  • Increased Security

dinCloud’s top priority is keeping its user information secure in the cloud. Multiple layers of physical and virtual security measures are armed to keep any business secure.

  • More Flexibility

A business’s employees will be able to exercise increased flexibility with running their Windows desktops and applications on non-Windows devices.

  • Scalability

Analysts in the industry have shared interest in dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktops, including Laurie McCabe and Steve Brasen, stating “dinCloud introduces dinWorkspace, allowing connections to Windows desktops without a connection broker. Nice!”

Users are able to scale resources depending on their needs, paying for only what they consume.

To learn more about the full benefits of dinWorkspace, visit our dinWorkspace page, or check out our latest press release.