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Getting the best cloud computing services in a single architecture remained a problem from the start for organizations. In order to avoid risks of depending on a single vendor or single cloud computing services provider it is suggested to consider multi cloud computing or heterogeneous architecture.

why multi cloud computing is better than hybrid cloud computing

In this blog differences between Hybrid cloud computing and multi cloud computing are discussed along with benefits of multi cloud computing.

What is Multi Cloud Computing?

To meet a specific workload, when different cloud services providers are mixed and matched and multiple cloud computing services are used in a single architecture is called Multi Cloud Computing.

Why Organizations Should Move Towards Multi-Cloud Strategy?

In order to get best of breed solutions from multiple services providers, companies must choose Multi-Cloud strategy. It also reduces the risk of losing important data with having best disaster recovery options available.

Benefits of Adopting Multi Cloud Computing

There are many benefits of multi cloud computing, but some of them are mentioned below:

Best Services

It is a known fact that no single cloud services provider offers the best combination of all factors and has the best tools for everything. So, by using Multi cloud services, companies make sure to get the best selected services from different cloud computing service providers.

Disaster Recovery

By choosing multiple cloud computing services providers, company’s infrastructure become more resilient and it also provides an option to keep replicas of application in two separate clouds.

Negotiating Power

Being a million dollar customer it is the most favorable factor for companies to negotiate on prices and get the best services at low prices.

Less Dependency on Single-Vendor

It is always risky to depend on a single vendor or service provider which can cost million dollars to companies in case of any failure from the vendor. In Multi Cloud computing users minimize the risk by having different cloud services providers.


It is a prediction that 10 biggest public cloud providers will have control on half of the total public cloud market by 2023. This means that multi-cloud computing is the future of cloud computing and companies should adopt it to have all the benefits and to avoid risks involved in other strategies.

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