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The physical boundaries of enterprises are constantly expanding, but the exact opposite is true about their respective IT infrastructures. As we move towards a more data driven world, every functional area is somehow connected to the other.

Why Cloud Managed Networks Deliver Value and Flexibility?

It comes as little surprise that now, the sheer quantum of data that’s being generated each day is touching astronomical levels. This data has now assumed the importance of the lifeblood of any enterprise, as decisions are largely based on data instead of intuition.

Therefore, enterprises are increasing shopping out there for solving their IT and network related bottlenecks. These issues keep re-surfacing every now and then, especially in cases where you want to expand quickly but the infrastructure is lagging behind.

Managed Cloud Networks & Solutions

In the wake of these challenges, there is one solution that has both the capacity and capability to resolve these woes. This solution lies in the form of Managed Cloud Networks, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops as well as Cloud Hosted Virtual Servers.

This post will briefly cover the key advantages that you can leverage by coming into the fold of Cloud Computing.

Deploy, Monitor and Manage with Ease

Although it may sound too good to be true, Cloud solutions deliver on each of the above three key performance indicators (KPIs). With a reliable Cloud Service Provider (CSP) at your back, you can instantly deploy cloud resources on the fly.

At dinCloud, the task of monitoring your cloud resources is made a breeze by dinManage. This is our in-house Cloud Orchestration Portal that delivers you all the key metrics of your cloud footprint from a single pane of glass.

Via dinManage, you can not only monitor your cloud resources, but also manage them in real time. By constantly keeping tabs on resource deployment and utilization levels, you can remarkably achieve Cloud Optimization.

Enhanced and Up-to-Date Security

With the backing of a high quality Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solution such as dinHVD, you get to enjoy multi-layered and up to date security from cyber threats. No more rushing to each employee’s physical device and doing software updates or security patches.

In the case of a Cloud infrastructure, the bulk of your security management is taken care of by the service provider like dinCloud. This task, which may take hours, days or weeks to execute in physical PC environments will be achieved with speed and ease over the Cloud.

Resource Optimization

With the availability of real-time data about your Cloud infrastructure and its salient features, you can truly attain resource optimization. The ability to access and analyze data quickly often translates into well informed and timely decisions.

Choice of Infrastructure and Service Provider

This is yet another capability of the Cloud. By now, you have access to a wide range of deployment models as well as Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Depending on your unique needs, use cases and compliance issues, you can choose the model of your liking.

You can choose a full-on public cloud provider like dinCloud, or adopt a private / on-premise infrastructure. If you want the “best of both worlds”, then you also have the added option of choosing a hybrid cloud model.

The Math is Easy and Compelling

Whether its normal business conditions, or the current pandemic ridden issues, which enterprise would not want to save precious dollars. This is yet another area where the Cloud out-shines the other infrastructural alternatives out there.

dinCloud, being an ace Cloud Service Provider, takes a lead in the costing element as well. We offer a flat rate monthly subscription based pricing model, which puts you in the driving seat of IT related decisions at the organizational level.

Lastly, by opting for the Cloud, you also seamlessly transition from a CapEx model to an OpEx model. Even here, you pay only for the cloud resources that you actually use, as opposed to annoying idle or over-capacity overheads in the case of on-premise setups.

Contact dinCloud for leading Cloud Hosted Solutions that are suitable for a wide range of use cases.