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Businesses are constantly trying to improve operational efficiency and simplify daily operations. A sound IT infrastructure is instrumental in achieving this goal. The way your IT is setup needs constant evaluation and improvement.

How to Improve Your IT Infrastructure with the Cloud?

The first step towards achieving this goal is a change in perception. The moment you declare you IT complete from every respect, that’s the time you are committing a huge mistake and halting further progress or improvement.

In this post, we will look at a few ways you can improve your existing IT infrastructure and operations to extract every ounce of performance from it.

Evaluate Digitalization and Transformation Goals

The whole process starts from evaluating the current IT ecosystem of your enterprise and outlining a future course of action. During the evaluation phase, you need to address these basic questions:-

  • Does the existing IT setup complement strategic goals of the enterprise
  • Which improvements in the existing infrastructure will result in cost reduction
  • How can the existing IT ecosystem be improved to bring operational efficiency
  • What are the bottlenecks in the existing system that need to be addressed
  • Which infrastructure model is most suited to the operations of my enterprise

Choosing the Right Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing is a constantly evolving domain. Every day, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud strive to add value for their existing and prospective cloud users. However, you will have to assess and at times, revisit your choice of cloud architecture.

The few broad cloud deployment options to evaluate are private, public, hybrid and multi cloud. The private cloud is costly to setup, but gives you a lot more control over data privacy and cyber security.

Public cloud is the most cost effective option, but may give rise to concerns around data security, privacy and regulatory compliance. A hybrid cloud provides the perfect mix between on premise and cloud architectures, which is why it’s often the preferred choice.

An increasingly popular domain is multi cloud, in which different cloud services from various providers are integrated into a cohesive ecosystem. This step of the improvement process is perhaps the most crucial.

Automation – A Life Saver

Quite often, hours of productive employee time goes waste in managing repetitive, trivial processes that can easily be automated. The next crucial step is to identify those operations of your enterprise that can be automated and ignore the upfront costs thereof.

Adopt a Cloud First Approach

The flexibility, scalability and security that’s built into cloud powered services can easily be leveraged to achieve efficiency. Take the example of cloud provider dinCloud, which offers Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), Servers and Databases under one roof.

Cyber Security takes Center Stage

Given the sheer scope and frequency of cyber attacks, you need to incorporate security protocols at the infrastructure layer and build around them. This security first approach will prevent the opening of gaps and loopholes in cyber security.

Seek Employee Feedback

From a strategic perspective, your employees are the best judge of your IT infrastructure. Seek their valuable feedback on how they perceive the existing architecture and the issues they are facing that directly impact productivity or user experience (UX).


The evaluation of your IT infrastructure should be a periodic exercise, instead of a long-forgotten area. Due to the dynamic nature of IT and related domains, things change real fast and your enterprise has to remain abreast of the changes.

If you also want to enhance the agility, flexibility and operational scalability of your enterprise without breaking the bank, seriously consider transitioning to a reliable Cloud Service Provider like dinCloud.

If you are also in the process of reassessing your IT infrastructure, feel free to Contact Us and know firsthand how our cloud services add value and bring efficiencies.