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Over the past year, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in workplace trends. The ensuing Covid-19 pandemic has forced countless enterprises to go fully remote. Among the host of remote work platforms out there, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops stand out.

How Does a Revamped dinManage Make Your Life Easier?

Due to the obvious benefits of a Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) offering like dinHVD, a wide range of organizations have made a fairly seamless transition to a full-on remote work environment, before and after the pandemic struck.

However, as your remotely working employees increase in number and operational diversity, managing the entire cloud environment can soon become a daunting challenge. You have to consider a lot of factors and variables to pull this off.

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A Fully Revamped dinManage

Given the consistently increasing rates of cloud adoption, the experts at dinCloud wanted to deliver a heavenly cloud management experience. With this goal in mind, a complete revamp of our dinManage portal was executed recently.

Now, we have completely revamped our in house cloud orchestration portal, dinManage. This includes revolutionary changes to both the back end as well as user experience (UX). We have even exceeded our laid down goals in some aspects of the revamp.

The whole idea behind a complete revamp of dinManage was to facilitate our valuable cloud users in managing their remote work environments deployed over dinCloud to the best extent possible.

Now that we have discussed the broad parameters of dinManage revamp, lets briefly look into some specific elements.

Interactive and Info Packed Dashboard

Whether its dinManage or any other application, the dashboard holds a very pivotal position. It must convey the maximum number of metrics and information to the end user, but without being too cluttered or overwhelming.

The professionals at dinCloud were successful in delivering a near perfect blend of information and functionality, right at the portal’s dashboard. The information packed dashboard of dinManage conveys all key metrics of your dinCloud environment in real time.

Another key role of the dashboard is to provide quick and easy navigation across the portal. To achieve this feat, special attention was paid to the dashboard so that it enables the user to navigate across menus with the least number of clicks.

A sizable part of the dashboard has been dedicated to numeric and graphical illustrations of your remote work or cloud environment. This rich combination enables you to monitor your environment even with a glance.

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Integrated Marketplace

Remote work environments are constantly evolving and you may need to instantly provision more cloud resources. With a fully integrated marketplace, this whole process has become a breeze.

You can access the dinCloud Marketplace from within dinManage and provision the additional cloud resources in a timely and seamless manner. Here is another cool feature of our marketplace, there is no annoying check-out process.

Any additional cloud resources that you desire and request via the Marketplace are directly added to your cloud environment, almost in real time. These additional resources can then be allocated to the designated remote employees.

User and Group Management is Seamless

In large remote work settings, the number of users can reach astronomical proportions. dinManage solves this major pain point in a very efficient manner. With dinManage, you can assign similar users to a certain User Group and so on.

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With well defined and identifiable user groups, the other advanced operations such as access or role management, application assignment and user rights become a seamless affair. You save a lot of valuable time and resources with this capability of dinManage.

This was just a glimpse of the major upgrades we have successfully achieved in the recently executed complete revamp of dinManage. If we take a more in-depth look, changes to the new dinManage portal are truly ground breaking.

Our revamped dinManage Cloud Orchestration Portal has taken End User Experience (UX) and Cloud Management to a whole new level. Feel free to Contact Us for any further details about the revamped dinManage portal or our leading cloud solutions.