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Cloud computing solutions are becoming versatile with every passing day. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud are going the extra mile to tailor their services to fit businesses of all sizes and industries.

The Cloud can be a Game Changer for these Industries

Now, we are transitioning from a standard cloud offering model to a much more customized cloud delivery model. This spells good news for enterprises that are planning a transition to a cloud infrastructure.

In this post, we will highlight some major industries that can truly benefit from cloud powered services such as the ones offered by dinCloud.

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List of Industries That Can Truly Benefit from Cloud Powered Services


The cloud has demonstrated its true potential in the healthcare sector during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Health records are highly sensitive in nature and for this reason, they have to meet stringent compliance standards.

Another area of healthcare that can truly leverage the cloud is telemedicine. This is a very secure, time saving and low cost mechanism for delivering highest quality medical advice. The cloud is an excellent platform for delivering secure telemedicine services.

By placing patient histories and related insurance records over dinCloud’s data centers, healthcare providers will have real time access to patient’s medical histories. Timely and easy access to insurance records will ensure speedy provisioning of medical care.


The education sector is gradually but surely moving towards a distance learning platform. For this delivery model to succeed, you need a content delivery platform that’s secure, reliable and instantly scalable with changing levels of student enrollment.

A quality solution such as dinHVD by dinCloud delivers exactly the functionality and flexibility educational institutions look for. Using our Cloud Infrastructure, students will have round the clock access to learning resources, whether on campus or at home.

The cloud will also streamline the process of student assignments, quizzes, periodic tests and even examinations. The cloud can also serve as an effective and time saving platform for regular interactions between teachers and students.

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This is yet another industry that’s highly driven by technology and data. In some sectors of finance, even seconds count and this is where the reliable and responsive cloud solutions by dinCloud can really make the difference.

Financial institutions also have to maintain high levels of confidentiality and regulatory compliance. With dinCloud’s independently certified data centers for data privacy and security, you can rest assured that your sensitive financial data is secure.

Key decision makers in the financial sector will have access to real time data, stats and other information that helps in making beneficial decisions on time. The cloud really streamlines financial operations for large multi national corporations.


This is a fiercely competitive industry globally. The automobile industry relies heavily on data and access to real time data about vehicle and spares inventories can give your brand a competitive edge in the market.

By moving your data to a cloud provider like dinCloud, you will be able to access real time data about vehicle and spares inventories. You will be able to give an accurate picture to prospective buyers and earn their trust in a short time span.


The insurance sector is deeply integrated with many other factors such as credit worthiness of potential clients and ability to pay insurance premiums. For this reason, insurance cases take arduously long times to be processed.

By moving the insurance related data to dinCloud’s state of the art infrastructure, insurance companies can drastically reduce processing times. Over the cloud, it will also become much efficient to integrate other related institutions in the process such as banks.

In doing so, insurance seekers will be able to have real time access to their cases and know exactly where their cases are at any point in time. A well integrated insurance sector will reduce processing times and breathe new life into this vital sector of the economy.


The hospitality industry is yet another sector that’s highly competitive. Many factors combine to deliver a memorable hospitality experience to travelers, whether on a business trip or a vacation.

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By integrating their information over dinCloud’s infrastructure, the management of hotels and resorts can make this info available to prospective travelers in real time. This will make the process of reservations and planning trips a breeze.

Hospitality providers on the other hand will be able to track occupancy levels in real time and adjust their operations to deliver the best experience to travelers. The cloud will be a winning solution for this multi billion dollar global industry.


This is one of those industries that heavily rely on real time data. Companies engaged in production or manufacturing are constantly striving for operational efficiency and cost cutting. The cloud can really help achieve these goals by giving access to real time data.

In this way, production managers will be able to manage their supply chains and logistics much more effectively and efficiently. A super efficient production line ultimately results in improved efficiency and profitability for manufacturing concerns.

Real Estate

Things change really quickly in the real estate sector. One good or bad decision can really shake things up in your life. The best way to take the right decision when buying or selling real estate is access to the most reliable and latest information on price trends.

For a rapidly moving sector such as real estate, where there are thousands of property listing every day, you need a robust platform like the one offered by dinCloud. The cloud will enable speedy access to information for both buyers and sellers of real estate.

This in turn will firstly safeguard the best interests of buyers as they are not always current with the recent and upcoming price trends. The cloud will benefit sellers on the other hand by instantly connecting them with genuine buyers of real estate.


This is a highly regulated sector and legal records are considered some of the most sensitive ones. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud provide law houses with absolute peace of mind once they decide to move legal records to the cloud.

dinCloud protects sensitive data from loss or theft by applying a multi tier approach to data privacy and security. Our data centers are compliant with some of the best international standards for security of sensitive data.

By moving legal data over the cloud, counsels and legal advisors will have round the clock access to case laws and historical judgments. Legal records can easily be stored over the vast data centers of dinCloud in a secure and instantly retrievable format.

Non Profit Entities

These organizations are all about functioning on very low budgets. As a result, they often have to compromise over the latest technology, ultimately affecting efficiency and productivity. This is no more the case when it comes to cloud offerings like dinHVD.

With the versatile cloud services offered by dinCloud, even financially constrained non profit organizations can have access to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of on premise hardware. The other great aspect of cloud service is instant scalability.

The operations of non profit entities rapidly fluctuate across multiple regions of the world. As a result, the cloud solutions by dinCloud are an ideal fit for such organizations. The cloud is otherwise highly suited for temporary or project based employees.


These were just some of the industries for which cloud solutions, such as the ones offered by dinCloud, can prove to be a game changer. State of the art Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Servers and Database Management tools can bring unrivalled efficiencies.

If your organization also belongs to one of the above industries in particular or any industry in general, leading cloud solutions by dinCloud can bring flexibility, efficiency and instant scalability to your operations.

You can Contact Us for any queries about dinCloud’s solutions and our experts will get back to you with an optimal and cost effective solution.