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In every challenge, there also lies an opportunity. If that’s not true for all the cases, lets agree that in most challenges, there are also hidden opportunities. Anyone who timely identifies the need for a product or service and acts can end up reaping the rewards.

How Does the Cloud Help Small Businesses Thrive in a Crisis?

If its one thing that fits perfectly with the above notion, that would be small businesses. In large corporations, most good and outstanding ideas get buried under the rubble of complex procedures, appraisals and what not.

A small business, on the other hand, knows no such limiting factors. Its generally an individual, or a small group of friends or associates, who come up with a great idea and immediately get to work.

However, things are easier said than done. In today’s super competitive business environment, you simply cannot move forward without technology. This urgency of technology use in business models has been further necessitated by Covid-19.

So, is there such a technology that can help the ambitious entrepreneurs of today get a decent business plan up and running? Well, the most obvious answer in the case of most small businesses should be Cloud Computing and here’s why.

No Barriers to Entry

For any small business, perhaps the most notable limiting factor is resource constraints. Here, we are not just talking finances alone, but a host of other factors that will ultimately result in a viable business model.

The Cloud eliminates such entry barriers for small businesses by giving them seamless access to state of the art cloud infrastructures. So, the same cloud infrastructure that’s being used by a billion dollar corporation can be leveraged by a small business alike.

No Infrastructure to Manage

Small businesses never want to enhance their “lift-off-weight”. This is a term which signifies that small businesses want to keep their overheads at the bare minimal level in the initial stages, and that makes perfect sense.

The Cloud alleviates this issue by removing the need for buying physical computers, servers, data centers and a host of related IT hardware. Instead, your small business will be leveraging the infrastructure of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

All the workloads that you execute over the Cloud will be handled by your CSP’s cloud infrastructure. So, as a small business, you can either access the Cloud via personal devices or you can also manage by just using the lowest spec endpoint devices.

Flexibility and Agility

Most small businesses have a very small window of opportunity to make a mark for themselves. If the idea immediately resonates with your target market, you can quickly become a mid to large sized enterprise by leveraging the Cloud.

This flexibility and agility is critical for most small businesses, as they can test the waters and their idea in the least amount of time and minimal expenditures. By leveraging the Cloud, even a small business can cater to a wide target audience.

Business agility is yet another area where the Cloud puts small businesses to a natural advantage. As soon as a business idea becomes a hit with its target market, you can immediately ramp up your existing cloud resources and meet customer needs.

OpEx Model – A Huge Plus

When a small business opts to use the Cloud, the bulk of its IT and tech related costs are just operating expenses (OpEx), with no huge, long term financial commitments. This is particularly a pragmatic approach in the case of presently uncertain circumstances.

The OpEx cost model prevalent in the case of Cloud enables small businesses to synchronize their costs with how well the business is actually doing. The same can’t be said about on-premise infrastructures, where you have to invest first and then wait for the results.


Whether its a global pandemic like Covid-19, or any other crisis situation, the Cloud can be a blessing for small businesses looking to make a name for themselves. Just a small suggestion here, choose your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) wisely.

At dinCloud, we give our very best to make sure your decision to entrust us with your ambitious business startup is worth it. Contact Us for more details on our innovative cloud solutions that are just right for your budding business.