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The role of Cloud Computing solutions has drastically increased right around the time when the Covid-19 pandemic struck us all. The Cloud has played an instrumental role in pivoting enterprises away from the physical workplace to Work from Home (WFH).

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Market all Set to Take Off

Although there are a wide range of cloud solutions in the market by now, none might be able to come close to what Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has to offer. The same was ratified by a recently published report on the DaaS market outlook by researcher Data Intelo.

The company publishes research on a wide range of industries and Cloud Computing is one of them. In the post pandemic world, DaaS has played such an instrumental role in making enterprises remote ready that the company decided to take an in-depth look into DaaS.

Data Intelo’s report specifically covers the Virtual Desktops or DaaS market. The report contains growth trend projections for the DaaS market between the years 2020 and 2027. Below are a few very useful insights from the report, specifically about DaaS.

DaaS Market Set to Take Off

Even prior to the pandemic, the report highlights the steady and consistent growth pattern of DaaS solutions across the globe. However, the Covid-19 pandemic acted as a major catalyst for the demand being observed for DaaS solutions.

The foremost reason behind the surge in demand for DaaS solutions is the element of remote work or Work from Home (WFH). Over the past few months, DaaS has demonstrated its effectiveness for prolonged remote work scenarios.

Remote Work – A Major DaaS Selling Point

As per the report, the capability of DaaS to offer both a fully productive and secure remote work environment is by far the strongest selling point. DaaS enables productivity by offering remote employees seamless access to enterprise resources.

This ability of DaaS has prompted enterprises to either entirely replace, or augment their on premise IT infrastructures with Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops such as dinHVDs. Further, DaaS is also a practical cloud solution if a hybrid cloud environment is necessitated.

By implementing a hybrid cloud model, enterprises were also to systematically allocate workloads between on premise infrastructures and the Cloud Service Provider’s DaaS solution. This resulted in the most optimal utilization of resources.

DaaS and Improved Cyber Security

The Data Intelo report takes into account the over stretched state of affairs of in house enterprise IT teams. Most IT professionals of enterprises already have too much on their plates, as they try to juggle scarce IT resources in the most efficient manner.

During this entire phase of pre-occupancy, cyber security has taken a back seat. This weakness was fully exploited by cyber miscreants in general and ransomware attackers in particular. Most stats on cyber attacks reveal a very disturbing picture overall.

In this hostile cyber environment, where there is a rampage of malware and ransomware attacks, leading DaaS providers like dinCloud have held their ground in terms of delivering a fully secure cloud infrastructure to end users.

This factor relieved in-house IT professionals to a great extent, as they now had to worry less about security and more about organizational productivity. This approach, in hindsight, resulted in a lot of operational and cost related efficiencies.


Towards the end, the report by Data Intelo paints a very promising picture about the future of DaaS market. As per the researcher, there is still plenty of room for the demand of DaaS solutions, at least over the coming 18 to 24 months.

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