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In the present times, organizations are re-imagining their IT infrastructures with a whole new set of priorities. As your business and architectural priorities evolve, your existing IT infrastructure must also adapt to these changes.

Choosing the Right Cloud Solution and Service Provider Made Easy

Re-aligning your IT infrastructure is a decision with mid to long term implications, in addition to the immediate short term impact such changes have. However, enterprises that tend to delay this process often find themselves lagging behind from the competition.

In this post, the issues that we try to address are how to choose the right cloud solution and of course, the suitable Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for your needs. Although there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, we will break down the basics for you.

Cloud Architecture Needs

This is the fundamental question that you will need to address. To answer this question, you need to chalk out a complete sketch of your existing IT infrastructure, software and productivity apps or tools that are currently in use.

Next, you will be addressing the question as to which of these existing elements will you be re-aligning. You may decide to keep some core operations on-premise, while migrate the rest to a specialized cloud provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

At this stage, you will also need to address the fundamental question that which level of cloud architecture would you be availing. Whether you would be leveraging the Cloud for your infrastructure, software or development needs.

The Cloud can be broken down into three main tiers, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). As an enterprise, you may choose one of these elements, a mix of these or all of them combined.

dinCloud from an IaaS Perspective

When it comes to outsourcing your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, we are mainly talking of storage and compute. At dinCloud, we have a global footprint of data centers. This means that within no time, we can manage dedicated Cloud Hosted Virtual Servers for you.

Over dinCloud’s dedicated Hosted Virtual Servers, you may decide to host your data or even our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). These cloud resources are readily scalable and offer a multi-layered security for un-matched peace of mind.

SaaS Needs and dinCloud

At dinCloud, we know that your needs may go beyond just storage and compute. For this reason, you can augment our Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) with some of the world’s leading productivity software.

The ability of the Cloud to cater not only to your storage and compute needs, but also software or productivity needs adds a whole new dimension to the mix. This in turn makes the decision of transitioning to the Cloud a whole lot easier.

How dinCloud Solves Your PaaS Needs?

At dinCloud, we fully realize that you may be having a certain percentage of legacy applications. These apps are so deeply embedded in your existing infrastructure that you can’t afford to proceed without them.

This challenge when transitioning to the Cloud is firstly addressed by Platform as a Service. PaaS gives you access to a wide range of development tools and professionals that can transform your legacy apps, so they become compatible with the Cloud.

At dinCloud, we have dinApp, which is our specialized tool that enables you to run legacy applications over our cloud infrastructure. This in turn puts you in a suitable position to adopt a cloud first approach for your infrastructure as well as other needs.

Differentiators for a Cloud Provider

This list can go on and on forever but lets highlight some key elements to look for in a cloud provider. Some of those defining elements include data center footprint, security mechanisms, user authentication, compliance certifications and cloud management tools.

At dinCloud, we tick all the above right boxes, whether its our global footprint of state of the art Equinix data centers, multi-tier data center and endpoint level security, two factor authentication (2FA), compliance certifications related to data security and privacy.

To make the management of your cloud environment a breeze, we offer dinManage. This is a very intuitive and user friendly Cloud Orchestration Portal by dinCloud. It enables you to monitor and manage your entire Cloud Environment from a single interface.

Feel free to Contact dinCloud for more in-depth details about our leading cloud powered solutions.