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The year 2020 has proved to be one of high growth for cloud powered services in general and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market in particular. Even otherwise, DaaS is considered one of the mainstream cloud technologies being adopted by enterprises.

dinCloud a Leading Service Provider in the DaaS Market for 2020

Prominent Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud featured as a top provider in the global DaaS market for the year 2020. This was revealed in a recent study conducted by reputed research firm Orbis Research.

The inclusion of dinCloud as a top cloud provider speaks volumes about our commitment to providing the best and most secure cloud services to our users. dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) is one the company’s best selling cloud products.

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Major thrust of dinCloud’s growth was focused in the North American region but the company has a global footprint of highly advanced data centers. dinCloud offers a wide selection within its DaaS offering, so that each business can choose the best option.

dinCloud has equipped its DaaS products with extensive capability of handling processing and graphics intensive workloads such as rendering, architectural apps and tools like CAD. This has opened a whole new dimension of DaaS users for dinCloud.

Here is a glimpse of main factors that contributed to the strong growth of dinCloud and its DaaS solutions as per the research report:-  

Multi OS Support

dinCloud’s DaaS offering is compatible with multiple operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Wide Selection of Packages

To suit the needs of each enterprise or user, dinCloud’s DaaS solutions are offered in many choices or packages. The user can select the most appropriate option.

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Impeccable Security

dinCloud has secured the data of its DaaS users thru a multi layer approach to cyber security. The company has guarded its infrastructure effectively during the current hostile cyber security environment, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unmatched Privacy

dinCloud guards the privacy of your data by employing virtual firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention. An additional layer of security is deployed with the use of a two factor authentication (2FA) mechanism for each DaaS user.

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24/7/365 Customer Support

The best in class Customer Support of dinCloud, which is available 24/7/365 over multiple platforms such as email, phone or Skype also contributed to the rapid growth of dinCloud’s DaaS and other cloud offerings.

Flat Rate Monthly Subscription Model

The research also highlighted the flat rate pricing model offered by dinCloud for its DaaS services. This removes the ambiguity in the pricing of other DaaS solutions being offered in the cloud market.

Future Growth Trends

As remote work or work from home continues to maintain its momentum, the outlook for the growth of DaaS services is quite positive as per the research report. Responsible cloud providers like dinCloud have also invested in infrastructure and security.

Now, dinCloud is also offering a world class cyber security solution by Sophos to its DaaS users. The product, which is called Sophos Intercept X for endpoints and servers, further improves the cyber security posture of your enterprise.

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DaaS will continue to grow as a mainstream technology for remote work and supporting a fully remote workforce. Choosing the right cloud provider (CPS) for your needs though is totally up to you and dinCloud should top your list of prospective CSPs.

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