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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of businesses across the globe started searching for solutions that could support a remote workforce. Among those solutions, cloud computing services received extra attention due to their high suitability.

dincloud added Sophos security and added capacity

Rising Demand for the Cloud

When we analyze IT solutions that can effectively and securely support remote work, cloud powered solutions emerge as a clear choice. For this very reason, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have witnessed a record increase in demand for their cloud services.

dinCloud Increases Data Center Capacity

The management of dinCloud was well awake to the developments around the ongoing pandemic. Even before the onset of global lockdowns, dinCloud decided to increase the capacity of its global data centers.

By enhancing its global data center capacity, dinCloud was not only able to serve its existing cloud users more effectively, but also accommodate the thousands of new cloud users which transitioned to our state of the art cloud infrastructure.

Cyber Security and Covid-19 Pandemic

Millions of small and medium sized businesses (SMB) hastily adopted some sort of interim solution to support their remote workforce. With most SMBs racing against time to restart operations, the critical aspect of cyber security did not receive the deserved attention.

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On the other hand, bad actors in the cyber space started attacking federal, state, healthcare and other networks at an unprecedented rate. There has been a record increase in the number of cyber attacks ever since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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dinCloud and Cyber Security

At dinCloud, Cyber Security has always been a top priority. We are fully aware of the trust our hundreds and thousands of cloud users place in us when they entrust their valuable data to us. dinCloud has an impeccable record in cyber security across its cloud services.

We adopt a holistic approach to cyber security that includes virtual firewalls, multi factor authentication, intrusion detection, malware protection and encryption. Our global data centers also comply with the industry’s leading international standards for security.

dinCloud Enhances Security with Sophos

To further consolidate its cyber security posture, dinCloud is pleased to announce that it has added Sophos cyber security solutions to its arsenal. The addition of Sophos further solidifies dinCloud’s already robust security profile.

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Why Sophos ?

Sophos is a British company that specializes in cyber security software and hardware solutions. It is a highly trusted and reputed name in the domain of security. The company relies on super intelligent threat detection and mitigation technologies.

dinCloud Deploys Sophos Intercept-X

This Sophos solution is focused on protection of end point devices, which are otherwise considered the weakest link in the cloud chain in terms of security. Some of the key features of Intercept X include:-

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

EDR allows dinCloud’s professionals to detect and prioritize cyber threats. In this way, the most dangerous threats receive top priority.

Active Adversary Mitigation

This feature provides a comprehensive protection against credential theft such as user passwords and also detects malicious traffic.

Anti Ransomware

This feature of Intercept X protects the data of dinCloud users from ransomware. Even if a file or data gets encrypted by an attacker, the solution has an auto file recovery feature.

Deep Learning Technology

Intercept X uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect both known and still unknown cyber threats, with specific focus on malware detection.

Exploit Prevention

This feature of Sophos Intercept X neutralizes cyber attacks by blocking the very techniques that are used to distribute malware and steal end user credentials.

dinCloud Deploys Sophos MTR ( Managed Threat response )

The Managed Treat Response or MTR solution by Sophos takes a more proactive approach to cyber threats by detecting, neutralizing and hunting down cyber threats.

dinCloud’s professionals and Sophos cyber security experts will work closely together to mount a Managed Threat Response, that takes the fight to the attacker’s turf.

Features of Sophos MTR

Some key features of the Managed Threat Response (MTR) adopted by dinCloud include:-

  • Actively pursue and validate cyber threats
  • Determine the scope and gravity of threats
  • Asses how a potential threat will impact dinCloud services
  • Remotely disrupt, contain and neutralize security threats
  • Address the very root cause of recurring threat incidents

Why is dinCloud the most Secure Cloud Provider?

The recent addition of Sophos to dinCloud’s already robust cyber security profile reflects on our strong commitment to cyber security. You can rest assured that once you entrust your data to us, it will truly be in safe hands.

dinCloud’s highly capable and professional experts, in collaboration with security experts at Sophos, will detect, contain, neutralize and even hunt down cyber threats in every form. At dinCloud, your valuable data will be secured and protected by the industry’s best standards.