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DaaS – The Ideal WFH Platform

Desktop as a Service or DaaS is turning out to be an ideal cloud technology to sustain a reliable and secure work from home (WFH) platform. DaaS has been nothing short of a true lifeline for businesses trying to establish remote work capability.

dinCloud Desktop as a Service Growth During Work From Home

Instant Scalability

With a DaaS solution like dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), your enterprise attains instant scalability. In the present uncertain times when long term commitments are being avoided, DaaS can prove to be an ideal alternative to on premise solutions.

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Predictable Costs

The long term costs of operating IT services at times become tricky. With dinCloud’s Flat Rate Pricing Model for its DaaS Solution, you enjoy a fully predictable and transparent outlay of expenses right down to every precious dollar.

Support for Data, Processes and Apps

A quality DaaS solution such as dinHVD can easily be supplemented with additional functionality. This includes data processing, cloud native applications, specialized productivity software, processing intensive workloads and much more.

In the form of DaaS, you can potentially avail a holistic remote productivity platform that brings all the services under a unified solution. This seamless integration removes architectural inefficiencies and integration related bottlenecks.

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Architectural Security

By shifting your data and workloads over DaaS, you enjoy a secure architecture that’s built around a multi-tier mechanism for cyber security. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud secure your data and apps from existing and emerging cyber threats.

Speedy Deployment

Unlike other IT models where you first need to beef up the hardware resources, you enjoy a high-speed deployment cycle with DaaS. All you have to do is scale up your DaaS solution instantaneously by leveraging your cloud provider’s readily available infrastructure.

Business Continuity (BC)

The recent pandemic has rendered traditional BC protocols ineffective. With dinCloud’s DaaS Solution, you get business continuity (BC) built into the service. This is achieved via a global footprint of data centers that are highly inter connected.

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The remote capability of dinHVD provides a robust business continuity mechanism built into the service. This way, your workforce can remain productive even if it’s not possible to physically show up for work.

Robust Disaster Recovery (DR)

A DaaS solution, such as dinHVD, is served from purpose built state of the art data centers. To deliver and maintain uninterrupted cloud services to end users, dinCloud relies on a global data center footprint.

These data centers are highly interconnected. In the event that one of our data centers can’t serve cloud users, the data, processes and workloads are transferred to the most feasible alternate data center.

As a result, you get a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) mechanism built into the DaaS service such as dinHVD. This results in saving both the cost and administrative hassle of maintaining a DR mechanism on premise.


These were just some of the distinctive benefits of DaaS that are acting as a catalyst for heightened demand of DaaS Solutions such as dinHVD. With DaaS, you enjoy unmatched agility and flexibility to support organizational processes.

Feel free to Contact dinCloud for any queries regarding our Industry leading DaaS Solution that’s offered under a flat rate pricing model.