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Some really key numbers have just been released.

What’s important to note, which key analyst Michael Cobb has reported, DR is not just for natural disasters – Cyber-attacks and Cyber “ransom” (like Cryptolocker) add an additional $400B worldwide liability a year. These cyber-attacks make business continuity impossible unless the ransomware is eliminated.

As Michael Cobb reports:

“Is having your data locked up by ransomware really less of a problem than a fire destroying your servers?”

In 2015, What Can (and Should) be Backed Up?

What’s important to note is that in 2015, it’s not enough to just back up data, as most people think of DR (Disaster Recovery). Business Continuity is just that – “continuity” – can your business function if a disaster (natural or man-made) occurs?  (See Image #1)

cloud storage components

Image #1:  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery means having (1) Apps and Servers (2) Database and directories and (3) User desktops all ready for real-time recovery.

The key to this process is that it has to meet the following criteria:

  • The data/servers need to be up-to-date
  • The data/resource has to be comprehensive
  • The resources have to be accessible after an outage
  • The resources themselves must be secure from natural and man-made disasters.

dinCloud Meets and Exceeds Current Standards in Disaster Recovery

dinCloud has crafted multiple secure data centers ideally suited for disaster recovery and business continuity projects. dinCloud offers full DR to all resources, including:

  • Servers and Apps: Full Windows and Linux support
  • Database and Directories: Real time snapshot of directories and database
  • Desktops: Unique, fully functional Windows-based virtual desktops (browser and thin-client based)

What’s key to note is that dinCloud’s differentiator is security. InformationWeek published a report called “Disaster Recovery in the APT Age.” The report stated that the key is to be able to be as secure (if not more) at your DR site than the enterprise itself. dinCloud takes up this challenge (Ref: dinCloud’s 12 point Cloud Security System).

The key to the dinCloud system is its ability to create a high speed, tunnel from the customer’s enterprise to the customer’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in dinCloud. Inside this secure VPC, the customer’s servers, data and desktops are all ready for immediate use in a fully updated and secure state (See Image #2).

Image #2:  dinCloud secure Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) create the ideal off-premise environment for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

dinCloud: Key Points of Disaster Recovery Support

  • dinStorage D3 Platform – fully S3 compatible
  • Storing three (3) copies of your data; (2) in one data center and (1) in another for redundancy
  • VEEAM v8 support with Cloud Connect
  • HA solution with clustering within same data center or across (2) DCs
  • Private VLAN, w/ dedicated virtual firewall, with up to 5 subnets
  • Virtual Server OSs (Windows and Linux) support
  • Desktop in the Cloud (DaaS) support
  • No Data Transfer Fees
  • Snapshots (1 Daily with 10 Day Incrementals)
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Reputation-based IP filtering
  • SSD/SAS/SATA storage tiers (Desktops on SSD and Servers on 15K SAS drives; SATA tier)
  • Tier 3+ Data Centers (Los Angeles & Chicago)
  • SSAE 16-TYPE 2 compliant DC
  • High-performance infrastructure & Network (40g from servers to 40/100g backbone)

Contact us – and we’ll give you demo! All the best! Cloud on!