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With dinCloud, hidden costs are one less thing to worry about. Unlike many cloud service providers, dinCloud offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs or transfer fees.

One major advantage of the cloud model is instant scalability. Users have the ability to spin up virtual assets on an as needed basis. This eliminates unnecessary spend, reduces upfront capital expenditure and offers predictability – with no hidden costs or fees incurred down the line.

Plus, there’s added value in the cloud. Leverage 24 x 7 support. Get new employees up and running faster with more efficient provisioning/onboarding. Virtually forget down time. And future-proof with built-in business continuity/disaster recovery functionality.

When a business decides to migrate to a dinCloud infrastructure, they know exactly what it will cost, with no surprises.

Pricing Packages

Hosted Virtual Server

Pay only for the configuration you need – nothing more.
Hosted virtual server prices are dependent on configuration.


Hosted Virtual Desktop

Customize a virtual desktop solution from the # 1 brand in HVDs.
Hosted virtual desktop prices vary as per customer requirement (minimum of 10 seats). There is also cost associated with Microsoft Active Directory Server. Customers can elect for extras like Microsoft Office, or additional CPU, RAM, DISK or services.

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