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Chemistry has been a very tricky subject for most of us in our study years. It is well said about the subject that one who understands it does so completely and the one who doesn’t, has no clue of what’s going on.

Cloud Computing, Robotics and AI Synergize to Transform Chemistry

However, chemistry is one of those areas that has revolutionized the field of medicine. The awe inspiring medicines of today that can treat the most complex medical conditions are the gift of chemistry to mankind.

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As we progress towards a better world with every passing day, there are also accompanying challenges. Take the example of the deadly and disruptive Covid-19 pandemic. It has not only taken thousands of lives, rather changed our lifestyles altogether.

RoboRXN for Chemistry

Although the nomenclature for the new technology may seem a bit overwhelming, let’s break it down for you to understand it better. The tech company was in the process of developing this technology for the past three years.

The first and most important feature of the chemical synthesis technology is that it’s fully powered by the cloud.

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Why RoboRXN is Powered by the Cloud?

Designing RoboRXN for Chemistry as a cloud powered tool was not at all a surprise. Instead, the cloud adds a whole new dimension of accessibility and flexibility to the tool. Now, chemists and researchers from across the globe can avail this tool over the cloud.

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AI as a Predictor of Chemical Reactions

Artificial Intelligence or AI is rapidly making inroads across the cloud computing industry. The main reason behind this trend is that AI perfectly complements and even adds to the capability of cloud solutions. This is also evident from the tool under discussion.

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The role of AI in this cloud powered solution is to accurately predict chemical reactions. This removes most of the tedious guess work and experimentation with countless chemicals, before arriving at a viable chemical formula that actually works.

This AI that’s programmed into the chemical synthesis system is equipped with vast amounts of already available data on various chemicals and their interrelationships. This is just the beginning, as the actual amazing fact is yet to follow.

The AI with which this tool has been equipped is capable of logically analyzing the historical data fed into it about chemistry. Using this data as input for the AI module, the tool is now intelligent enough to distinguish between possible and unstable chemical reactions.

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Use of Robotics in the System

The last important component of the whole system is robotics. All the testing of chemicals and their relative quantities is carried out automatically using robotics with zero human involvement. This enables testing in a highly regulated environment.

Robotics not only speeds up the whole testing process, but also makes the entire procedure much more secure. With the use of robotics, accurately replicating successful chemical reactions has also become much easier.

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Analysis of Chemical Reactions

Once the system has accomplished a chemical reaction successfully, the on board AI system analyzes the end result at the molecular level and provides valuable insights in a very short span of time, which previously was simply out of question.

Cloud Computing as the Defining Element

This system that can revolutionize the medicine industry globally has one major capability under its belt, and that’s the cloud. By leveraging the remote capabilities of the cloud, researchers from across the globe can remotely access the environment for experiments.

Being powered by the cloud, chemists and medical researchers from across the globe can collaborate in real time, regardless of their physical location. This system can open new doors in the discovery of cures for pandemics like Covid-19.

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By combining the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, we can significantly improve the efficiency of lab testing and drastically reduce the lead time in discovering new or improved medicines for various deadly diseases.

If you would also like to leverage the cloud for your ever changing organizational needs, feel free to Contact dinCloud and one of our experts will get back to you soon.