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We are nearly approaching the end of one of the most eventful years in the history of technology. A global pandemic, which is still showing no visible signs of slowing down, continues to wreak havoc with businesses across the globe.

The 2021 Pandemic Recovery Will be Powered by the Cloud

Perhaps the most effective and only major response businesses could mount against this pandemic was “remote work”. This response was characterized by giving your remote employees the resources to keep mission critical processes up and running.

Forrester’s Take on Pandemic Recovery

According to leading global research firm Forrester, the global recovery from Covid-19 will be powered by none other than the Cloud. This notion is fully supported once we examine the skyrocketing figures regarding the adoption of various cloud powered services.

Here is a gist of how and why the experts at Forrester think the recovery from this pandemic will be driven by cloud solutions.

Rapid Growth of IaaS

As per Forrester, the global public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market will exhibit rapid growth. In the year 2021, it is expected the IaaS market will grow at over 35%, propelling the size of the overall IaaS market to nearly US $120 BN.

More businesses than ever will turn to public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud to fulfill their remote work needs. The IaaS growth will be driven by accelerated adoption of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops or HVDs.

Containerization and Serverless will Grow

Forrester anticipates explosive growth in the demand for cloud native tech. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, they would need cloud native applications and productivity solutions more than ever.

This gap in the development sector will be filled by Platform as a Service (PaaS). By the year 2021, research shows that 25% of developers globally will be relying on serverless development platforms to deliver cloud native business apps.

Another key factor will be rapid growth of applications that support multi cloud deployments. To support this trend, it is expected that by the year 2021, nearly 30% of developers will be using containerized development practices.

Both these trends will accelerate the adoption rates for cloud infrastructures. As more apps and productivity solutions become “cloud friendly”, it will become easier than ever for enterprises to adopt the cloud amidst this pandemic.

DR will Head for the Public Cloud

The current pandemic has exposed a major weak link in the infrastructures of businesses, which was robust Disaster Recovery (DR). Prior to the pandemic, very few businesses considered the cloud for their DR needs.

However, public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have proved that Cloud is a robust and secure DR platform. Forrester anticipates that businesses globally will turn to the public cloud for their DR needs.

According to the research, it is expected that an additional 20% enterprises globally will convert their DR operations to the Public Cloud. Interestingly, this won’t be a temporary move, as it is expected that such companies would continue to rely on the cloud for DR.



From the above trends, it is quite evident that the global recovery from Covid-19 pandemic will be driven by the Public Cloud. Leading Cloud Service Providers also deserve applause for their preparedness to serve the remote work needs of businesses at such a huge scale.

Feel free to Contact dinCloud for your remote work needs amidst this crisis. We surely have a cloud solution that fits your unique needs.