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Gaming has evolved into a multi billion dollar industry at the global level. Nowadays, modern games are so immersive that they are no longer the sole domain of youngsters. You will now find gaming enthusiasts belonging to all age groups.

How is the Cloud Accelerating Gaming Industry’s Growth?

Limitations of Traditional Gaming

Any traditional gaming endeavor starts with purchasing a high end gaming laptop or PC. In most cases, you don’t even use it in the stock form. You have to add on even more items to your stock gaming machine to extract the optimal levels of performance.

By this stage, we have not even factored in the cost of a high end game itself. Perhaps the most important issue is how quickly your gaming laptop becomes obsolete and no longer supports the latest releases of your favorite games.

So, just months down the road, you embark on yet another journey of assembling your “dream gaming machine” from scratch. By now, your existing gaming hardware has host most of its value in the used market.

Cloud – A Catalyst for Gaming Industry

Like many other industries, cloud computing has transformed the entire gaming landscape over the past few years. Cloud services are a natural fit for a wide range of gaming applications and niches.

In this post, we will highlight some of the facets of cloud computing that have accelerated the growth of gaming industry.

Centralized Gaming Resources

When delivering games over the cloud, you enjoy centralized gaming resources. In a traditional use case, you need gigabytes of storage on your personal computer for even a single mainstream game.

Storage is just one part, as modern games are very memory intensive as well. You typically need loads of RAM to run the game smoothly and this is another heavy investment on an individual level.

With cloud powered gaming, this is not the case. You have access to a large pool of storage that’s enough to store the game, player’s data as well as all the gaming environments. From the cloud, games are then streamed over the internet to multiple users at a time.

Ideal for Multi Players Games

Gone are the days when players used to compete against the computer, so to speak. Now, modern gamers want a more personalized experience where the opponent is also a human like them, and the players can interact with each other in real time.

The cloud is an ideal platform for modern games with multi player support. With a robust and distributed hardware, gamers from all across the world can converge over a single cloud service provider (CSP) like dinCloud to enjoy their favorite game.

Protection from Piracy and Theft

A lot of human and financial resources go into producing a single high quality game, but its all in vain once its pirated versions find their way to the market. If you host your games over the cloud, you enjoy a far superior and multi layer security.

This protects your intellectual property from theft and piracy. Only genuine and paying gamers, if your game is monetized, will be playing your cloud hosted game. You will be able to derive value from the efforts you have put into your gaming product.

Play the Latest Games over Low Spec Devices

With cloud hosted games, you no longer need to upgrade your gaming PC regularly. A cloud hosted game will utilize the processing and storage resources of your cloud provide like dinCloud. That way, you will be able to play the latest games over low spec devices.

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The cloud computing industry has acted as a catalyst for the gaming industry over the past few years. This trend is likely to continue in future and we should see the world’s leading game development houses to leverage the cloud for hosting their upcoming games.

If you are engaged in game development and have a good product to showcase, why not release it exclusively over a reliable Cloud Service Provider like dinCloud. Our cloud architecture is amply equipped to meet your infrastructure needs.

Contact a dinCloud expert to learn more about how our cloud solutions can be leveraged to take your game to a whole new level.