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dinCloud strives to give its customers the best possible experiences by thoroughly researching, testing, and using technology themselves prior to selling it. The company carefully architects its data center and infrastructure specifically for its portfolio of cloud services. When the data center is purpose-built for hosted virtual desktops, virtual servers and back-up in the cloud, the performance experienced by the customer is top-notch. NetworkWorld just published a report rating dinCloud the #1 desktop in the U.S.

However, it’s not just about performance. dinCloud focuses on two other major aspects as well: ROI and migration.

ROI in the cloud is a much debated topic, but Microsoft just helped us settle the debate – one of dinCloud’s financial services customers told Microsoft in a case study that they saved 50% of IT spend in 2012 by using dinCloud. This is a tangible number which makes ROI measurable. There are other intangible ROI benefits as well. dinCloud’s solution helps enhance user productivity by allowing a customer to access a virtual desktop from any device, anytime and anywhere. Having the ability to work from my iMac at home (windows OS running on a Mac) has enhanced my personal productivity, but it’s tough to measure in $ or %. This is only one of the intangible benefits. Additional benefits include enhancing customers’ back-up and security platforms – prevention of one disastrous event alone can make the ROI calculation work.

It’s not just about provisioning a virtual machine for a customer in the cloud or renting them some rack space. dinCloud focuses on migrating a customer from a physical to a virtual environment. dinCloud’s patent-pending software enables customers to automatically integrate active directory, open up VPN tunnels, upgrade/downgrade resources and provision/de-provision, to name just a few features, all in the cloud seamlessly. Not only to we offer support while migration in addition to the software, but we provide for a long-term management solution for the customer’s virtual environment.

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dinCloud’s Cheif Strategy Officer sharing insights on Cloud ROI at ITEXPO 2012

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