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We offer Virtual Machines (VMs), which are a software emulation of a computer system. At dinCloud, we support multiple hypervisors. The default hypervisor is KVM, which is known to be one of the most efficient systems to run VMs.

How Virtual Machines Work

Running your virtual machine with dinCloud can be quick, efficient, and reliable. dinCloud VMs run on physical hosts running on Intel CPU based hardware, 2 physical sockets with 16 cores each, 512 gigabytes of DDR4 high speed memory.

Our Intel based solid state drives (SSD) can maximize performance in your VM.

Virtual Machine (VM) Security

Our virtual machines are hosted in our virtual private data centers, which have multiple layers of security. If the physical layer of guards, biometric cages, digital locks, and cameras weren’t enough, we also ensure data security with a virtual layer.

Multiple layers of virtual security, including threat management, dedicated firewalls, 2 Factor authentication portals, and data encryption in transit and at rest are just some of the security measures guarding dinCloud’s VMs.

Why Virtual Machines from dinCloud?

Overall, dinCloud VMs are powerful reliable machines that maximize efficiency due to its core components (CPU, memory, network, disk, speed). To learn more about dinCloud VMs, visit our products page, or request information.