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Hosting Servers Alone Makes No Sense

GoDaddy recently announced it will “No Longer Offer Cloud Services to Businesses”, as reported in Midsize Insider by Chrissie Klinger. “In the past few months several other companies have also eliminated their cloud products, including Zumodrive and Rackspace.”

Why is this? Hosting servers in the cloud doesn’t make sense?

Chrissie went on to say, “that doesn’t mean there aren’t good, solid, and dependable options for small and midsize businesses.” We agree.

Virtualization and Cloud isn’t just about cloud hosted servers or giving customers a bunch of rack space. As we like to say, it is about business provisioning.

Hosting Servers Alone Makes No Sense

If we look at the big picture, you first need a workspace (Windows desktop). That is your virtual desktop. You run applications on this desktop… those applications run on a server in many cases… that server needs storage and backup. So if you try to do just one piece in the cloud, you might face some challenges linking everything together- especially if you don’t have a team of technical folks that have time to manage a hybrid infrastructure.

Next Generation Data Center

Your cloud service provider should understand this and be more than a “pure-play” hoster. This is probably why current hosting companies, older data center providers are struggling with providing a reliable cloud service.

Future Proof Your Business

You can future proof your business by taking advantage of business provisioning. Running your infrastructure in the cloud gives you flexibility. You can deploy virtual desktops faster, you can deploy applications faster, you can have a server up and running faster than it takes time to obtain a PO# or type in your credit card number.

Look at a cloud service provider that offers more than just servers. Make sure you have the option of adding other capabilities as and when you want to simplify the management of technology in your organization.

dinCloud Offers More than Hosted Servers

Yes, dinCloud does offer a more comprehensive set of cloud services beyond just hosted servers. But it goes beyond just infrastructure hosting. Migrating to the cloud brings up questions, may require assistance. That’s why dinCloud and its partners are focused on the migration to the cloud through business provisioning – not just the hosting.

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