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What is Virtual Co-Location

Virtual Co-Location is the evolution in co-locating at a data center. Instead of going to a data center provider, companies can leverage a cloud service provider, like dinCloud, to leverage economies of scale and take advantage of our software-defined data center approach which gives each of our customers a virtual private data center.

Virtual Co-Location Means Virtual Private Data Center

In a virtual private data center, a customer has the entire data center, virtualized. Because of our approach and management tools, customers and partners enjoy a data center where they control compute (CPU processors, RAM), storage (top tier NetApp foundation), networking, and security.

It’s Not Just Rack Space

A virtual co-location in a virtual private data center provides isolated access. You might have heard of multi-tenant and ways that traditional data center operators took their hardware, virtualized it, and split access to several customers. dinCloud’s approach is to provide a much more individualized, isolated, and private data center to each customer. You don’t just get servers on a rack – you get an entire data center to yourself.

Much More Economical Than Rack Space

If you were to go directly to a data center operator, you have to deal with renting space, such as a rack, or a cage, then you have to deal with power, connectivity, hardware maintenance, and a nightmare of other on-going problems in maintaining your own data center.

Choosing a cloud service provider like dinCloud lets you focus on your business without getting embroiled in the business of data centers. And with dinCloud, you will be leveraging an innovative cloud service provider that gives you control over the entire data center and its components, not just rack space.

For more information on our Hosted Virtual Server, please visit our Hosted Virtual Server page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.