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Licensing Virtual Desktops

SOFTWARE LICENSING. Yes, I know, it sends shivers down your spine. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more complex – here comes the CLOUD! This is the

Comp IT Chicago Conference

Camp IT Conferences, Chicago

At different times of the year, IT management, vendors, and others get together at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Chicago, IL to share strategies, experience, and real-world information


The Future of PC Fleet Management

Many organizations have a fleet of vehicles they lease and maintain. We see the management of the desktop environment in the same way, hence PC Fleet Management. Desktops are utilized


dinCloud wins the Best VDI Solution Award

dinCloud has just won the “Best VDI Solution Award” at the 2012 UP-START Cloud Awards, which recognizes extraordinary achievements in the cloud computing industry. This is another proof point that