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Does Dr. Cloud, yours truly, have a RX? A competitor going down is never something you want to celebrate but it can open up dialogue with customers as to your differentiators. Let me take this opportunity to explain my view on why dinCloud is a superior place to host your data. And keep in mind, this isn’t a rant against Amazon, I’ll take on all my competitors as a whole because I feel that dinCloud’s differentiators stack up against all of them.

First, we were built for Cloud. My competitors crawled out from under various rocks. Some used to sell books, others colocation space, some used cars, and to be honest, I’d be out front of my own building selling watermelons if they were wildly profitable. But trying to turn a horse into a zebra by painting stripes on it, does not make an African safari. dinCloud was specifically formed from some of the best certified engineering talent in the world, each member well versed in areas of virtualization, storage, networking, operating systems, security, programming and much more. During the course of a year, where we literally worked 16 hours a day, often 7 days a week, the dinCloud Core Engineering Team (“dCET”) was tasked with a wide array of previously technologically impossible tasks but made it happen. I often used to quip a favorite movie quote to my team, “Mr. Hunt, this isn’t mission difficult, its mission impossible. “Difficult” should be a walk in the park for you.” You can see the results of this Herculean effort in a 45 minute webinar located here: After the first few fluffy slides, put a seatbelt on, it gets good.

Nonetheless, there’s a bit of misconception with everyone’s Cloud; namely that if you’re hosting with a Cloud provider that your systems are mirrored in real-time to another site and can become instantly available if disaster strikes. That’s rarely the case. Reality is your data is often backed up to other sites and with some effort (1 to 24 hours) can be put back online at one of their other facilities. Rarely is it built so that failover is instantaneous.

Customers like Netflix who used Amazon but didn’t fail were the ones who not only had resources in the affected datacenters, but had resources in other Amazon sites *and* an application architecture that could detect outages, eliminate the failed systems from its active scope and continue on utilizing the active resources at other sites. In the past, such business continuity / disaster recovery (“BC/DR”) planning was more often than not, a year-long effort by professional service organizations (“PSO”) in concert with customer IT departments to design, implement, validate, and optimize such a strategy. With Cloud, much of the same effort is accelerated into weeks or months but the same principles apply

dinCloud’s team has the ability to create solutions in the BC/DR space that the industry has never seen, taking fault tolerance to levels never before explored nor achieved. Similar to our efforts with Hosted Virtual Desktops, it can be done. Frankly, finding the Holy Grail or creating fantasy level BC/DR is much easier than HVD’s! And I have to say, if it weren’t for our CEO / Bob’s vision and persistence, I think the industry would have taken another 5 years to perfect HVD’s. Creating anything including ngBCDR is something you can only get in dinCloud. Why? Because we’re the FIRST and ONLY Cloud Provider in the WORLD to offer Cloud Hosted virtual servers, desktops, apps, storage, voice, video & connectivity while wrapping it with certified engineers, licensing (1 of 13 Microsoft LAR’s in the USA) & everything else that my competitors are missing, all of which is just ngDC – next generation datacenter. And after all, isn’t that the whole point of Cloud?!

So, ask how to protect yourself….because you don’t want this problem to happen again. Get to know each Cloud’s inner secrets. I’m sure when you do, you’ll want to talk to dinCloud. And we’ll be more than happy to talk to you face to face and help you move your data to a Cloud that was built for the task from ground up blending security into its DNA the entire way.

Dr. Cloud

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