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SOFTWARE LICENSING. Yes, I know, it sends shivers down your spine. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more complex – here comes the CLOUD!
This is the first in a series of software licensing and compliance blogs with a specific focus on virtualization and the cloud. Adding fuel to the fire was a recent study of Cloud Providers by the Ponemon Institute which essentially concluded there was a general malaise on the topic of security by 73% or more of such providers which could best be summarized as “hey, not our problem”. Confidence inspiring, to be sure!

The CLOUD. You’ve decided to take a serious look at pursuing a cloud strategy for your organization. How is the way you license your software today different from licensing for the cloud? Can you leverage your existing license investments to get to the cloud? Do you license by user or by device; by processor or by server? Is complicated licensing keeping you from pursuing a cloud strategy? What new software licensing changes will make it easier and more cost effective to get you to the cloud? Today, many cloud service providers can deliver on the hosted cloud or virtual solution; but most would not be able to accurately answer the aforementioned questions.

And what do you really know about the licensing rights around Windows 7 in a virtual desktop environment? For most people, licensing the virtualized desktop alone can be an exercise in futility.
What does it all mean? Am I licensed correctly on the physical device and the virtual desktop? Did my software service provider have the knowledge to deliver the MOST cost effective licensing solution for my journey into the cloud?

At dinCloud, along with understanding your key drivers to the cloud, my dedicated team of software licensing specialists look at your existing software infrastructure, and recommend the most cost-effective course of action; ensuring that you leverage your existing licensing investment, know what new licensing investment is needed, and making sure your company gets to the cloud in the most cost-effective AND compliant way. Why are we so qualified? Because we spun-off from En Pointe Technologies, a Microsoft SI-LAR and ESA (fancy terms for being only 1 of 4 Microsoft certified and awarded partners in the U.S. that know Microsoft licensing inside out).

Next week, we’ll dig deeper and look at some changes coming to Microsoft licensing

Also, if you have any licensing questions, please feel free to submit comments or visit ‘Ask Dr. Cloud

-Dr. Cloud