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How Finance Leaders boost performance

6 Traits of Finance Leadership

Part 1: Efficiency

Oxford Economics and SAP conducted a 1,500-person CFO survey in the Spring of 2017, looking at what traits an organization embodies that lead to “finance leadership.” And of these 1,500 respondents?

Just 11.5% qualified as “Leaders.”

James the Virtual Robot

dinCloud is excited to announce the release of its latest service, James the Virtual Robot, a software testing and monitoring service that works around the clock to ensure user systems are working as expected. There’s definitely more to James than initially meets the eye. 

Merck Petya Cyberattack Update

A major name involved in the Petya cyber-attack in late June is a familiar one in the pharmaceutical industryMerck. The pharmaceutical giant – who notably has some operations in Ukraine, the country disproportionately affected by the attack, was one of hundreds of companies affected by the global cyberattack.

Digital Strategy in Higher Ed

Wondering how higher ed digital strategies are measuring up with a key stakeholder in the sector – students?

The Current State of Cloud Adoption in Healthcare

Given the growing demand for modern technology solutions on-site at healthcare facilities, and the financial and regulatory pressures to modernize, it should come as no surprise that cloud adoption in healthcare has risen over the years. This article takes a look at where adoption stands today and sums previous challenges as well as current trends in the industry.

Key findings from the insurance

The insurance industry has seen disruptive changes with tremendous impact from trends in: over-regulation, speed of technological changes, customer behavior and competition in an increasingly saturated market.

How to Protect Your Company from Future Cyberattacks

News broke earlier this week that a large-scale ransomware attack had hit, with companies in both the United States and Europe affected. This news follows a series of cyberattacks in recent months, which have had global impact. Noteworthy corporations including shipping company Maersk and advertiser WPP were among those hit this time around.

dinCloud’s Directly Connects Microsoft to Microsoft

In the age of innovation, dinCloud tops the list for constantly working to enhance its cloud offering. dinCloud has just recently announced dinWorkspace, a new clutter-free virtual desktop allow users to experience Windows 10 natively through their desktop without third party connection brokers or components. 

Cloud Adoption Trends in the Legal Industry

As a professional in the legal industry, you may have been reading articles and hearing from colleagues about the traction and momentum for cloud services. Deciphering cloud solutions for your particular needs is still convoluted.

The Cloud Lends New Efficiencies to Lending Businesses

The cloud is driving innovation and business transformation in the lending sector, an industry that has seen a lot of change the years since Dodd-Frank was put into effect. In a crowded, highly competitive market, in which speed is critical, any innovation with the potential to bring operational efficiency offers major competitive advantages.


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