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As soon as the excruciating lockdowns and travel restrictions were lifted some while ago, people flocked towards their dream destinations. This means good news for the struggling hotel and hospitality industries, which faced the brunt of Covid-19’s impact.

During all this “incubation” period for these previously booming industries, customer preferences also changed to a whole new extent. The well established industry giants started facing stiff competition from technology powered, smaller hotel brands.

The technology which acted as this agent of change was Cloud Computing. By incorporating nimble, agile and flexible cloud computing solutions in their operations, hotel and hospitality providers were able to reap a multitude of benefits.

How are the Hotel and Hospitality Industries Benefitting from Cloud Computing?

In this post, we will discuss how hospitality and hoteling services providers are leveraging Cloud Computing to their advantage.

Access to Top-Notch Management Tools

Small hotel and hospitality providers are generally not in a position to afford expensive hotel management software to streamline their operations. With cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, hoteliers now have access to the best software solutions.

Companies operating within this space can leverage these state of the art, cloud based SaaS solutions to considerably improve their service quality. These tools also equip the employees of such organizations to perform their jobs with ease and efficiency.

Cost Reduction and Optimization

The hotel and hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. A good majority of tourists also happen to be price sensitive, and expect the maximum value for their money. Cloud Computing solutions deliver cost savings to these organizations in a number of ways.

The foremost area of cost reduction is a massive drawdown of IT hardware related expenses. Cloud Computing providers own and manage the hardware infrastructure that powers their cloud services, eliminating the need for companies to purchase hardware.

Another area where cloud based services contribute towards cost reduction is operating expenses. If hotel and hospitality providers go for on-premise IT hardware setups, they have to incur considerably higher fixed and operating costs.

Cloud services, on the other hand, are billed as per a convenient, pay as you go model. As a result, these companies will end up paying only for the Cloud Computing resources that they have actually consumed, with no fixed costs attached.

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Protection Against Seasonal Trends

The hotel and hospitality industry is very seasonally driven. There can be times of extremely high demand, and companies may have minimal business during the off-season months. So, these companies need a technology that can conform to these seasonal variations.

Cloud Computing solutions provide exactly this on the go scalability to hotel and hospitality providers. During peak season times, these companies can scale their cloud environments up, no matter how high the demand may be.

The exact opposite can be done during off-season months, as cloud computing resources are equally easy and quick to scale down. This entire scaling up and down is a matter of just a few clicks. Some Cloud Service Providers (CSP), like dinCloud, also offer auto-scaling.

Personalized Guest Experiences

These days, hoteling has become a complete experience in itself. It all starts from the booking / reservation phase, and ends at a guest’s happy and successful check-out. When a guest checks out, the satisfaction level will determine the future of that hotel.

Cloud Computing solutions enable hotel and hospitality providers to deliver highly personalized guest experiences that can meet and exceed their expectations. It all begins with collecting valuable data about customer preferences.

By leveraging the immense processing muscle of the Cloud, valuable insights can be drawn from all this data, enabling hotel services providers to further hone their offerings and services as per the most current customer trends.

Improved Data Privacy

Although the hotel and hospitality industries does not house extremely sensitive data, their data is still of a very private nature. It may also include sensitive financial information such as the credit card details of guests.

Therefore, a reasonable degree of security nonetheless is required for hospitality and hotel service providers. This is yet another area where Cloud Computing solutions, with their built-in multi layered security mechanisms, save the day for hotel and hospitality providers.

When guests are also assured that their sensitive financial data, or travel history is in safe hands, they feel comfortable staying at such destinations. This in turn improves the occupancy levels of hotels, which in turn results in more revenue, and ultimately, profits.


The global hotel and hospitality industry is again “rising from the ashes”. Flexible, agile, scalable and cost efficient digital technologies like Cloud Computing are playing an instrumental role in the revival of this multi billion dollar industry.

Hotel and hospitality industries are also a source of massive job creation, which is an added advantage of this booming industry. Memorable guest experiences at Cloud Computing powered hotels will result in satisfied, and most likely, repeat visitors.

If you are also a hotel or hospitality provider that is on the lookout for a Cloud Computing services provider, look no further than dinCloud, an ATSG company. At dinCloud, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of hotel and hospitality services providers.