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The Covid-19 pandemic appears to have reshaped work trends for good. The Work from Home (WFH) exercise that was initially perceived as a temporary phase has now become a mainstream trend.

Work from Anywhere (WFX) – The Emerging Trend for 2021

Work from Anywhere (WFX) Takes the Place of WFH

Many recent studies have pointed out that Work from Home (WFH) is likely to stay, even once we are way past the present crisis. However, its shape and form is quite likely to change into yet another advanced form, which is Work from Anywhere (WFX).

By now, most futuristic businesses have matured their remote work solutions and invested in the necessary technologies as well. Among those techs, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops clearly stand out as they have proved a lifesaver.

So, it won’t be difficult for either employers or employees to convert this WFH practice into a WFX model. This way, companies will be able to attract top human talent from anywhere by leveraging remote work platforms that are secure and productive.

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Metropolitans will Grow Less “Happening”

Previously, employees across the globe were forced to migrate to a select few metropolitan cities where all the tech giants were based. This was a painful decision for both job seekers as well as their parents and extended family.

With WFX becoming a near certainty, we expect a major wave of de-urbanization as remote work will eliminate the need for physically coming up to the workplace. Once this trend picks up pace, metropolitans will become less happening and crammed.

Hybrid Work Related Challenges Surface

It is also quite possible that some businesses resort to a hybrid work model whereby a part of workforce is remote, while the other segment attends office in person. This hybrid model for work is prone to introducing the unwanted elements of both workforce models.

In order to cope with this issue, organizations will have to unify a technology driven collaboration platform. This in turn should be used simultaneously by all employees to collaborate, whether they’re working remotely or from the office.

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Engagement will Surpass Productivity

Prolonged remote work has its fair share of challenges in which lack of a structured work environment stands out. To overcome this potentially hurting factor, businesses allowing remote work to employees after the pandemic will have to focus on engagement.

Employee engagement does not necessarily mean urging your workforce to turn up at the workplace. Instead, there will be a need for renewed interaction and coordination among remote employees so they feel more connected to their goals as well as objectives.

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Highlight Productivity via Engagement

During prolonged remote work, it becomes increasingly difficult to collect and assess the non verbal cues of employees. The prime focus is on task accomplishments. In this new phase however, remote employees will have to highlight their achievements more.

Its because in this new remote work environment, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for employers to assess employee attributes in addition to productivity. To this end, you should maximize your exposure over remote collaboration platforms.

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In the year 2021, it appears remote work will be there in full swing. It is however expected to take a slightly different shape in the form of Work from Anywhere (WFX). Contact dinCloud for top notch WFH as well as WFX cloud solutions.