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During the last few months, remote work has completely transformed. Previously, what used to be “every once in a while” affair has now evolved into a mainstream trend. Many studies during the pandemic have found remote work is likely to stay for good.

When we talk of a mass scale remote work scenario, which involves the majority or entirety of your workforce, things can become quite challenging. A full on remote work setting requires a lot of adjustment to your existing IT infrastructure and best practices.

Let’s first take a glance at some of the most obvious challenges you will be confronting when you shall be taking your workforce remote.

Access Management

In a remote work setting, managing who gets access when, where and how are critical questions. As employees will be remote, you have no way of figuring out who’s behind an employee’s endpoint devices unless there is some user authentication mechanism.

Data and Productivity Tools

Another important pain point in case of remote work is how to give your employees access to enterprise data and productivity tools. Giving them remote access will be one thing, while making this whole mechanism secure will be another challenge in itself.

Visibility and Control

With so many remote employees, how will your IT department maintain visibility and control over the organizational network and other resources? As the size of your remote employees increases, it can become a daunting task quite easily.

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops – An Irresistible Proposition

What if you could adopt a remote work platform that not only overcomes the above challenges, but also has a lot more to offer! Well, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is that very solution you’ve been looking for.

Let’s see what DaaS has to offer when it comes to supporting a sizable remote workforce.

User Authentication

Highly specialized DaaS providers like dinCloud have a mechanism for authenticating users. This is performed before a remote employee gains access to the enterprise network, data or other productivity resources. dinCloud relies on a Two Factor Authentication solution.

dinHVD Mounted Productivity Tools

Leading DaaS providers like dinCloud don’t just provide you with a Cloud Hosted Desktop. Instead, what you can get is a full productivity powerhouse that is fully capable of handling processing intensive tasks and workloads.

Visibility and Control with dinManage

To give you maximum visibility and control over your DaaS environment, dinCloud offers a very intuitive Cloud Management Portal called dinManage. Recently, the whole portal has been fully revamped to bring it in line with the leading DaaS providers globally.

dinManage empowers your IT personnel to constantly view and monitor key metrics of their DaaS environment. That’s not all, they also get to tweak their DaaS deployment from a unified portal, whether its scalability or procuring new cloud services.

Data Centrality Enhances Security

In case of a DaaS solution like dinHVD, none of the enterprise data is stored over employee devices. Instead, all the data lies in a secure environment that has multiple layers of cyber security tools and protocols in place.

Productivity On the Go

A DaaS solution provides unrivalled room for on the go productivity. Remote employees can access enterprise resources virtually from any location, so long as there’s the internet. Also, there is no limitation on which, or how many devices employees use to login their HVDs.

Cost Predictability and Savings

DaaS providers like dinCloud offer their solutions at a flat rate monthly subscription model. You are billed only for the resources you actually consume. This makes your remote work platform highly predictable in terms of its cost effect, and then there’s no fixed costs.

Another way you achieve cost savings via DaaS is that there’s no hardware to procure or maintain on premise. This reduces your capital expense on IT. Secondly, with DaaS to power your remote employees, you need minimal IT personnel to manage the platform.

Contact dinCloud for the industry’s best DaaS solutions, which can prove an ideal fit for your remote work needs.