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The ongoing global pandemic has revealed a major operational challenge for which only a handful of businesses were prepared. How to give remote access to employees working from home in a manner that’s both reliable and secure?

Well, the answer lies in Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops that are offered by third party Cloud Service Providers (CPS) like dinCloud. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offering by dinCloud is known as dinHVD.

It is a fully virtualized Windows 10 Desktop PC that’s hosted in one of dinCloud’s global data centers. With dinHVDs, you enjoy seamless access to a virtual desktop, all your data and enterprise grade productivity applications for more advanced needs.

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Why Choose Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD)?

Unlike a traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops liberate you from maintaining the underlying hardware resources. Another key advantage of HVDs is that you can instantly scale the solution up or down, based on your changing needs.

In case of HVDs, all the hardware resources are provided by a third party cloud provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Recent studies on the trend of remote work have revealed that Work from Home is here to stay, even after this pandemic is over.

Benefits of Working from Home (WFH)

A secure Work from Home platform is beneficial to both employees and deploying businesses. Employees can work from the comfort and safety of their homes, without affecting productivity. In some cases, employee productivity levels have even increased.

The way employers benefit from a WFH solution is they no longer have to bear the overheads of a formal office environment such as rent, utilities and other operational expenses. If productivity is not affected, this is a winning situation for all stakeholders.

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WFH is Here to Stay

It is for these very reasons that many CIOs and CFOs are formally contemplating a permanent work from home plan in which some positions would become fully remote, even once we have moved past the Covid-19 pandemic.

The perfect answer to a sustained work from home environment lies in Hosted Virtual Desktops. With dinHVDs, you enjoy all the benefits associated with a VDI solution, with the added benefit of not having to maintain any hardware resources for this platform.

Feel free to Contact dinCloud if you also desire a remote ready solution that is reliable, secure and robust.