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Over the past few years, Cloud Computing has come a long way to support a multitude of real life business scenarios. Enterprises, whether big or small, find a lot of flexibility and agility in cloud powered solutions.

What are the Top Use Case Scenarios for Cloud Solutions?

In this post, we will cover some of the real life use cases where cloud computing solutions deliver both value and ease for you as a business. These usage scenarios are in the specific context of public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Enterprises are constantly under pressure to reduce their operating overheads, while maintaining or even improving the efficiency levels. The public cloud fills exactly this gap by giving you access to the latest IT infrastructure for a fraction of the costs.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

If you have developed an innovative software or application that solves real world business problems, you can readily host it over a public cloud provider like dinCloud. The great bit is, you will be billed only for the resources that you actually consume.

Centralized Data Storage

Enterprises are struggling to cope with data related demands if it is stored on premise. The public cloud, on the other hand, gives you nearly limitless access to storage over state of the art cloud data centers, which come with multi layered security.

Data Backup in the Cloud

Given the present state of cyber threats, you need to have robust backup plans in place for your enterprise data. The public cloud presents itself as an efficient, highly available and readily accessible means for backing up mission critical enterprise data.

Cloud Powered Disaster Recovery (DR)

More businesses than ever are migrating their disaster recovery (DR) plans over to the public cloud. This is not only a cost efficient option, but also removes the need for enterprises to have costly, dedicated DR sites in the event of a disruption.

Collaboration via Cloud Hosted Solutions

The currently prevalent remote work scenarios necessitate a sound platform where physically dispersed teams can collaborate. The public cloud is an ideal platform for hosting remote collaboration tools, whether its video, chat, messaging, file sharing and more.

Test Environment for New Projects

Before a software or application is offered to the general public, it has to pass through a phase of rigorous testing. This enables developers to rectify bugs and errors in their work. The cloud serves as a highly capable and economical platform for this testing phase.

Business Continuity (BC) Plans

In the wake of crises, it is imperative that you are able to retain mission critical workloads even amidst disruptions. The public cloud serves as a sound technology platform for your business continuity (BC) needs, with room for multiple redundancies.

Data Management and Analytics

As a business, you need to process immense volumes of data to extract valuable insights. The public cloud offers you access to nearly limitless storage and compute power, which you can leverage to carve that much need competitive edge in your industry or niche.

Work from Anywhere (WFX)

The modern workforce needs seamless access to enterprise resources, whether it’s the workplace, home or any other location. The public cloud is fully capable of delivering a seamless Work from Anywhere (WFX) experience to your workforce.


The cloud in general, and public cloud services like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops in particular, have immense potential to serve a wide range of real life business scenarios. All you need is the will to step forward and tap this potential to your fullest advantage.

Contact dinCloud for highly robust, cost efficient and secure cloud solutions for your enterprise needs.