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The ongoing pandemic has rapidly accelerated the adoption of cloud solutions. Remote work, which used be the exception, has now become the new normal. To support a large or fully remote workforce, organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud.

dinCloud – A Provider of Secure and Scalable DaaS Solutions

When we contemplate cloud powered remote work solutions, Desktop as a Service or DaaS is one solution that simply can’t be ignored. In case of DaaS, you provision Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops from a cloud provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

However, its important to note that no two DaaS solutions are equal. There may be remarkable differences in terms of both performance and security. In the present scenario, both these factors have become Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for DaaS providers.

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Why is DaaS Security Paramount?

In a widely prevalent DaaS environment during the pandemic, most of the data and workloads are being accessed from insecure personal or home networks. This creates a major threat surface in the form of employee endpoint devices.

Any potentially infected data packets that flow from endpoint devices to the DaaS provider’s infrastructure are a potential threat. Although leading DaaS providers like dinCloud have a multi layer security in place, there is no room for complacency.

DaaS is one of those cloud services that has literally powered thousands of businesses amidst Covid-19. As a result, DaaS infrastructures have also caught the attention of cyber miscreants who see them as prized targets.

With a leading DaaS provider like dinCloud, you enjoy unrivaled peace of mind. Our cyber security extends much beyond just the DaaS infrastructure, right down to the level of employee endpoint devices. This results in a whole blanket of cloud security.

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Instant Scalability – A Lifesaver in Uncertainty

Another very critical metric for DaaS providers is the ease and speed with which you can scale your DaaS solution up or down. In the present times, DaaS has emerged as a very potent solution to remote work needs due to instant scalability.

In this high level of uncertainty, businesses feel reluctant to invest themselves heavily over on-premise solutions that may prove to be a drag on the otherwise burdened finances. Instead, a solution like DaaS that’s outsourced and is scalable is a better alternative.

As highlighted earlier, no two DaaS providers are equal and this holds equally true for scalability as well. At the end of day, the installed data center capacity of your DaaS provider will impact your ability to scale, especially when scaling up.

Being a mainstream DaaS provider, dinCloud has a global footprint of highly powerful and vast data centers. This ensures that once you are ready to scale your DaaS solution up, you won’t face any bottleneck from the side of your cloud provider.

In addition to the capacity, you also need to consider the ease with which you can scale your DaaS solution up or down. This is yet another area where not all DaaS providers will be equal. dinCloud offers dinManage, a dedicated cloud management portal.

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Scale Your DaaS Instantly with dinManage

With a dedicated and highly intuitive cloud orchestration portal like dinManage by your side, managing various aspects of your DaaS Solution is a breeze. Scalability is indeed one of the key capabilities offered by dinManage.

In the recent revamp of dinManage, dinCloud has introduced a fully integrated Marketplace. It not only lets you scale your DaaS solution according to changing needs, but you can also manage other aspects of your DaaS environment.

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Remote Work is here for the long haul and DaaS is a key enabler for this “new normal”. Feel free to Contact dinCloud for DaaS solutions that are instantly scalable, highly secure and managing them is a breeze.