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Professionals today work with clients, teams and consultants based in different physical locations. In order to work effectively, it’s critical that one is able to access the work computer even while away from the office.

How to be Productive “On the Go” with dinHVDs!

Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) can make this not only possible, but easy and secure over an internet connection from an existing PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. With HVDs, there is no need to install special software to access your work computer.

You can do this from wherever you have an internet connection and a login device. Here is an even better part, you can access an HVD over multiple devices that are under your use. You also don’t need to worry about which operating systems (OS) they run.

dinCloud offers state of the art Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops that are marketed as dinHVD. The concept of “on the go productivity” can truly be a game changer for millions of businesses worldwide.

To make this point further clear, let’s take you along a brief real life example.

Suppose you are sitting at your workplace and accessing dinHVD over your office desktop PC. By the time office hours are over, you have completed nearly eighty percent of your work, but there are still some finishing touches remaining.

You don’t have more time as you’re running late from a doctor’s appointment. In a traditional work environment, you would need an external storage device such as a flash drive to save your work over it and take it home with you.

With dinCloud’s HVD, the situation is completely different. You will simply log out the HVD from your office location and head to the doctor. When you get free and reach home, you want to finish the remaining task before going to bed.

You simply switch on your home laptop, open a web browser, enter the login credentials of your assigned dinHVD and voila, your mouse cursor is blinking right from where you left it at the office. Isn’t this amazing!

The next morning, you want to get the completed task reviewed by your boss, whose getting late from a meeting. The boss tells you to accompany him and give the presentation as they commute to the meeting’s venue.

You take along a tablet, open a web browser, enter your unique login credentials for the assigned dinHVD and there you go. The document on which you have been working the day before, both at the office and home, is right before your eyes to present to the boss.

This was just a glimpse of on the go productivity that you can attain with dinCloud’s HVDs. The possibilities with this revolutionary technology are countless. dinHVDs eliminate the need for you to move data to and fro between multiple devices.

This not only affects the integrity of data, it can also be harmful from a data security standpoint. Quite often in such situations, one tends to get lost in so many variants of one document that we keep preparing when juggling work from the office and home.

With dinHVDs, this is not at all the case. All your data and processes are stored centrally over one of dinCloud’s global data centers for instant access. No matter how, when or where you access our dinHVD, it will offer you a uniform user experience (UX).

dinCloud’s HVD completely liberates you from the worries of productivity beyond the physical boundaries of the workplace. dinHVDs utilize the storage and compute of dinCloud’s powerful infrastructure, without burdening your endpoint devices.

In addition to the productivity theme, dinCloud’s HVDs are also equally secure. No data or work you perform is stored over the device used to login the HVD. This adds the element of enhanced security to an already productive technology.

Now, You can roam freely and confidently, without ever worrying about productivity!

Take a look at a few more videos that show how dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVDs) are delivering business value to companies of all sizes and belonging to a wide range of industries.

Take a look at a few more videos that show how hosted virtual desktops are delivering business value to companies: