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Desktop as a Service or DaaS is a Cloud Computing Solution in which fully virtualized instances of desktop computers are offered over the internet. These Virtual Desktops (VD) are sourced from a third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as dinCloud.

To DaaS OR Not To DaaS

VDI v/s DaaS

It would be absolutely essential to highlight the differentiating factors between Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS, as both are often confused. In case of VDI, the VDs are served from a data center located within the premises of deploying entity.

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Therefore, the deploying entity is fully responsible for both the capital expenditure and maintenance costs of the data center along with any supporting hardware. This option affords greater control over organizational data but costs way more.

Why Go For a DaaS Solution?

In this post, we will highlight some of the most compelling reasons why you should switch over to a DaaS solution for your organizational or personal needs.

Why Go For A DaaS Solution?

Work from Home

A DaaS solution is ideal for work from home scenarios as your employees can remain productive even in case of disruptive circumstances such as pandemics, strikes, flood and much more.

Easy Accessibility

In case of DaaS, you can access your Virtual Desktops (VD) from multiple device platforms which include tablet, laptop or desktop and even a smartphone in some cases. These devices don’t even need to be running the same Operating System (OS) to run a VD.

All you need is a basic internet connection and a login device, after which you are good to go. This level of accessibility is completely missing in a conventional I.T architecture and very limited even in the case of a VDI based deployment.

Higher Productivity

As you can access your VDs virtually from any device or OS, remaining productive becomes quite easy. Using DaaS, your employees can remain fully productive from office, home or even when they may be travelling.

Reduced Capital Expenses

In case of DaaS, procuring and maintaining the entire I.T hardware for the data center is the sole responsibility of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Against using DaaS, you only pay a pre agreed usage fee. This in turn will greatly reduce your I.T related CapEx.

Lower Hiring Costs

By leveraging the DaaS solution, you can even avail the services of remotely working employees. This way, you will not only be able to attract quality human capital but also enable them to work remotely without even showing up at the workplace.

Savings on I.T Infrastructure

By deploying a DaaS solution, you firstly save the exorbitant costs of setting up the data center in house. Secondly, as all the resources are sourced from the CSP, you no longer need to invest heavily in procuring or upgrading I.T related equipment.

Stable I.T Operating Expenses

A DaaS based model greatly stabilizes your I.T related operating expenses, which is very helpful if you rely heavily on computing technology. CSPs bill their DaaS tenants on a “Pay as You Use” model which stabilizes your IT expenses to a great extent.

Better Data Security

In case of a DaaS solution, the cyber security of your VDs is also largely the responsibility of CSP. Firstly, all your data becomes converged over a single data center and secondly, a CSP employs multiple layers of data protection and intrusion prevention.

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Reduced Hardware Footprint

When you deploy a DaaS solution, it greatly reduces your overall hardware footprint as you no longer maintain in house data centers. As the tangible resources are being sourced from the CSP, you can run even outdated devices or allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

Lower IT Staff

In case of DaaS, nearly all the aspects of the solution are provided by a CSP, which is also responsible for maintaining those resources. Therefore, you can easily manage with minimal IT related staff in terms of both numbers and remuneration.


Today’s data handling regulations are becoming ever more stringent and severe limitations are imposed across the globe. CSPs are highly compliant in terms of regulations around data security and also have the requisite expertise to do so.

Licensed and Patched Software

When you use DaaS for your needs, all the productivity software and applications are regularly patched by your CSP. This ensures a very robust security mechanism for your data. CSPs use only properly licensed software so that you can avail quality solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Most CSPs now offer Disaster Recover (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) as an integral part of the DaaS solution. This way, you no longer have to invest in a dedicated DR site and avail the same service in exchange for a small incremental fee.

Business Continuity

As all your business critical data lies securely over the cloud, your core business operations remain uninterrupted even in the case of extraordinary circumstances. The CSP also secures your data by maintaining multiple backups at independent locations.

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DaaS and Covid-19 Pandemic

There would hardly be a time more suitable for a DaaS solution than the recent Corona virus outbreak. Employees confined within their homes can easily access the cloud and remain nearly as productive even while working remotely.


In this post, we have tried to make a strong case in favor of a DaaS solution. It is not only easy to manage but also requires a very basic level I.T know how. dinCloud is a premier Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that offers state of the art DaaS based solutions.

dinCloud provides fully virtual cloud based DaaS solutions that are branded as dinHVD. The company is famous for its reliable, secure and highly customizable cloud solutions that you can fully manage using the company’s dinManage app.

In the wake of the recent Corona pandemic, dinCloud has fully established remote operations for its entire workforce and is witnessing unprecedented demand for its highly capable DaaS based solutions.