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The business world is getting highly competitive. In this business environment, only those organizations survive over the long haul that have well defined strategic goals. The constant evaluation and progress towards these goals is equally important.

How Cloud Computing Aligns with Strategic Business Goals?

Technology is a very critical component of any organization’s strategic goals. It won’t be wrong to say that attaining long term strategic goals often relies on how well you have aligned technology with strategic goals.

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Cloud Computing and Organizational Goals

By now, cloud computing has evolved into a highly versatile and effective technology platform for organizations belonging to a wide range of industries. The other great aspect of cloud powered solutions is that there are minimal entry barriers.

Here are some factors of cloud computing that make it a highly suitable and optimal technology not only for large multi national corporations, but also small and medium businesses (SMB) alike.

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Key Factors of Cloud Computing In Achieving Organizational Goals

No Hardware to Manage

In case of a cloud service, all the underlying IT hardware is managed by your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. This not only eliminates capital expenditures in IT hardware, but also minimizes operating costs related to maintaining this hardware.

Simplified Licensing

As your organizational needs increase, licensing becomes more complex and costly. A stage may come when managing software and operating system licensing may become too difficult. In case of the cloud, all licensing issues are managed by your cloud provider.

Up to Date Hardware and Software

Cloud providers like dinCloud always tend to keep their cloud infrastructure up to date, whether it’s the hardware or software side. This results in a superior end user experience (UX) and increased productivity.

Patch Management

With the aim of keeping the cloud infrastructure absolutely secure, CSPs like dinCloud undertake regular patching of their operating systems and software solutions. This results in a cloud solution that’s not only efficient, but also one that’s equally secure.

Now that we have highlighted some benefits of a cloud service, such as the ones offered by leading service provider dinCloud, let’s discuss how the cloud fits perfectly into an entity’s strategic goals.

Business Continuity (BC)

This can be defined as the ability of an organization to maintain base level functionality and operations even in the most adverse circumstances. Some unforeseen natural and man made events can pose serious threats to an organization’s BC posture.

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With a cloud provider like dinCloud, you can maintain core business operations in the event of most contingencies. dinCloud has a global footprint of highly advanced and interconnected data centers.

In case one of these data centers can’t serve your core operations, these processes are immediately diverted to the other most feasible data center. This ensures your critical business processes remain uninterrupted even in the most adverse circumstances.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

In this technology and data driven world, cyber security is a daunting challenge. At times, a seemingly minor data breach or loss can have devastating consequences for your organization’s image from a strategic stand point.

Cloud providers like dinCloud offer a robust disaster recovery (DR) mechanism built into the cloud infrastructure. CSPs attain this by employing multi tier cyber security protocols and fail safe user authentication systems.

This secure posture is further consolidated by maintaining multiple backups of your mission critical data at physically dispersed data centers. In the event of a data loss, you can recover valuable data in the least amount of time.

Setting up a DR mechanism on premise can prove to be a very costly affair and may also give rise to management challenges. With the cloud as your technology platform, you get BC and DR built into the cloud service, thus greatly enhancing long term viability.

Cloud as an Engine for Innovation

The success and long term sustainability of businesses hinges on constant innovation and improvement of existing processes. With management of IT hardware and processes outsourced to a Cloud Provider like dinCloud, you can focus solely on growth.

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Here are a few specific domains where the cloud offers unrivaled opportunities for long term sustainability and growth.   

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This form of cloud offering liberates you from maintaining IT hardware on premise. Instead, you avail cloud services such as storage, computing and processing from an external service provider like dinCloud. The greatest bit is that you pay only for what you actually use.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

There are state of the art cloud platforms that provide you with a highly conducive and powerful environment to develop innovative solutions. These solutions are then employed by businesses to bring efficiency and drive innovation.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This form of cloud service grants you instant and cost-efficient access to some of the world’s most efficient software solutions. You can access the best software over the cloud at a fraction of the cost of running them on your in house infrastructure.


The cloud is well poised to become a necessity for long term sustainability and growth of business entities. However, choosing the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud for your existing and future needs is equally important.

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