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On the technology front, the year 2020 has been one of the most eventful years in recent history. As this year draws towards a close, thousands of businesses globally are still struggling to cope with the devastating effects of Covid-19.

2021 Cloud Forecast and Why Choose dinCloud’s DaaS

In this post, we will try to forecast how the year 2021 looks like in the general context of technology, with special focus on Cloud Computing. We will also highlight the reasons that make Desktop as a Service or DaaS the perfect go to solution for this crisis.

2021 – A Year of Recovery and Consolidatio

We expect the year 2021 as one that’s characterized by recovery and consolidation. After facing tremendous financial and administrative challenges, businesses are slowing trying to recover from the effects of Covid-19.

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Therefore, 2021 will be all about technological consolidation. Organizations will be revisiting their technology stacks from the ground up and readiness for remote work is likely to become a key performance indicator (KPI) for the upcoming year.

Remote Work – The New Norm in 2021

The concept of remote work that initially started as a makeshift arrangement is likely to become the norm rather than exception. Many surveys conducted by leading research firms have revealed that remote work is likely to stay even once we are past this crisis.

If implemented in the right security environment and based on a reliable platform like dinCloud’s Hosted Workspaces, remote work has proved its value in this crisis. In some cases, employee productivity has even increased during this remote work phase.

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Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are the Future

Regardless of whether remote work becomes permanent or fades away, the thing that’s certain is that organizations now want remote work readiness at all times. This can be achieved quite effectively with Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops.

An example are dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops called dinHVDs. Whether your employees access them over at the workplace or from the safety of their homes, they will have round the clock access to enterprise data and productivity apps.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solutions such as dinHVD give enterprises the much needed flexibility and scalability, without breaking the bank. Instead, they can serve as a great cost saver provided you choose the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

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Why Choose dinCloud’s DaaS Solutions?

Now that we have made a strong case for Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD), lets discuss some factors that make dinCloud’s Hosted Workspaces the perfect remote work platform for 2021 and beyond.

State of the Art Equinix Data Centers

At dinCloud, we believe in delivering an exceptional User Experience (UX). In the case of DaaS solutions like dinHVD, data centers are of paramount importance. For this, we have a world leader in this domain, Equinix for our data center needs at dinCloud.

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Certified for Security and Privacy

The other prime concerns when migrating from on premise to DaaS are security and privacy. dinCloud’s globally present data centers comply with some of the best international standards laid down for privacy and security of your data.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

When you move your data to dinCloud’s independently certified data centers, regulatory compliance is not a concern. The certifications possessed by dinCloud’s data centers can even meet the standards prescribed for some of most highly regulated industries.

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Shift from CapEx to OpEx Cost Model

Enterprises are always concerned about reducing costs and improving efficiency. This is yet another area where DaaS truly shines. With DaaS, you shift from a CapEx model to a purely OpEx model and this is great for times of high uncertainty such as these.

Transparent and Fixed Pricing

Pricing is yet another area where dinCloud’s DaaS solutions stand out from the competition out there. We offer our DaaS solutions as per a Flat Rate Monthly Subscription model. This eliminates the possibility of hidden or unaccounted for costs after moving to DaaS.

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These were just some of the most compelling reasons why DaaS should be your go to technology platform moving into 2021. As more and more organizations realize the inherent value within DaaS, adoption rates should skyrocket in the next year.

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