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We are approaching the end of a very eventful year 2020. Thousands of businesses globally are recovering from the crippling effects of a pandemic. The Cloud has played a leading role in enabling businesses to serve their customers in these extraordinary times.

Cloud Computing to Witness Massive Adoption and Investment in 2021

Enterprises are now in the process of consolidating their remote work platforms and upgrading them from temporary arrangements to a long term strategy. Going into 2021, we can expect massive adoption of a wide range of cloud technologies and services.

Cloud Spending Forecast for 2021

During the year 2020, the user spending on cloud services is expected to attain a level of US $257 BN. This marks an increase of 6% as compared to the previous year. This increase is significant once we view it in the backdrop of severe financial constraints.

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In the year 2021, it is expected that the user spending on various cloud powered services will gain more momentum. This figure has been forecast to reach US $305 BN in 2021, marking a significant year on year (YoY) increase of 18%.

This promising forecast indicates that Cloud Technologies will be playing a leading role in the recovery phase from the Covid-19 pandemic. Cloud services such as Hosted Virtual Desktops have been a key enabler for remote work during the entire 2020.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Grows Phenomenally

If we analyze the various sub segments of the cloud industry as a whole, the growth witnessed in DaaS during the year 2020 clearly stands out. The global DaaS market has clocked a very impressive YoY growth rate of over 95% during 2020.

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Businesses have increasingly relied on DaaS providers like dinCloud for instantly provisioning Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). HVDs have ensured that remote employees get secure access to all the data and other productivity resources.

During the upcoming year 2021, DaaS is likely to carry forward this growth momentum. It has been forecast that during the next year, various DaaS offerings such as dinCloud’s Hosted Workspaces will record a year on year growth of over 61%.

Healthy Growth for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

It was observed during 2020 that businesses have increasingly turned to the Cloud for data storage and processing needs instead of on premise legacy systems. During the year 2020, IaaS is expected to attain a final growth rate of over 15% YoY.

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In the year 2021, the adoption of Cloud for IaaS related needs is forecast to gain further momentum. Most industry experts are expecting the global IaaS market to clock an even higher YoY growth rate of nearly 27% in 2021.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Shifts to the Cloud

As the pandemic intensified, businesses increasingly realized the limitations of legacy, on premise Disaster Recovery (DR) systems. On the contrary, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud were still able to deliver exceptional disaster recovery and business continuity.

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It is expected that during the year 2021, we will be witnessing a major shift in Disaster Recovery from on premise to the Cloud. This will propel the domain of cloud based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to new heights.


The year 2020 has proved the value and flexibility inherent in the Cloud. Whether its DaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or DRaaS, the cloud has proved an invaluable source of support. Remote work has become a mainstream trend and the Cloud is delivering on this count as well.

We are expecting an even accelerated adoption of cloud services during the year 2021. The Cloud is well poised to attain a pivotal position in the recovery phase from the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

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