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The flexibility and accessibility of Cloud Computing solutions is the very hallmark of these technologies. However, these facets of cloud services and solutions also give rise to cyber security challenges, which need to be overcome with a proactive approach.

At the very core of cloud security lies the “Shared Responsibility Model”. Unless the deploying enterprises fully understand this model, it becomes very tricky to attain a fully robust cloud security posture.

Under the shared responsibility model, the security of the cloud infrastructure lies with the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Other aspects like application management, data access and rights management is the domain of the deploying enterprise.

How to Resurrect a Robust Cloud Security Posture?

Then, leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud also offer value added managed services for enterprises that lack the in-house capacity of managing the security side of their infrastructure.

In this post, we will discuss the means of attaining a robust cloud security posture, in the light of present day cyber security challenges.

Security Misconfigurations

According to an analysis of data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, cyber security software company Trend Micro concluded that as much as 65 to 70% cloud security issues are a direct outcome of cloud network and security misconfigurations.

This statistic is more than enough to underscore the importance of choosing a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with the right credentials and capabilities in the realm of cloud security. The regulatory compliance posture of a CSP is also a good benchmark for selection.

Multi Cloud Deployments

Another factor that adds to the complexity of cloud security is multi cloud deployments, which are becoming a common phenomenon these days. In the case of a multi cloud, each individual CSP has laid out its own cyber security controls and protocols.

It is very important for enterprises that go for a multi cloud environment that they secure each individual cloud service as per its uniquely prescribed cyber security controls. A “one size fits all” approach is not at all valid for multi cloud environments.

Endpoint Protection

In the case of cloud services, the endpoint devices which the end users or employees use to access their cloud resources are also a source of vulnerability. A compromised endpoint device can be enough to grant a malicious actor access to the cloud environment.

This is an area, although not under the domain of the cloud provider, which can be addressed using effective protection software for employee endpoint devices. This adds a whole new layer of protection to a cloud environment.

Take the example of leading cloud provider dinCloud, which offers Sophos Intercept X for endpoints, as an add-on cyber security tool for protecting endpoint devices. This is a world renowned cyber security solution, known for its proactive approach towards threats.

Isolated Cloud Environments

A single Cloud Service Provider (CSP) serves the needs of multiple organizations and enterprises. This is yet another area where choosing the right CSP can prove instrumental in securing your assets stored in the cloud.

Being a leading cloud provider, dinCloud offers its enterprise users dedicated virtual private cloud environments. What this means for the end user is that the data of one enterprise is fully isolated from the data of another enterprise availing our cloud services.

With this capability, even in the odd chance of a vulnerability, the impact of one security compromise does not spillover to the data of some other enterprise. This capability can go a long way in keeping your data and apps in the cloud fully secure.

Robust and Customizable Backup / DR

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) are two very important areas that are an extension of a robust cyber security posture, especially when we talk of the Cloud. As a leading cloud provider, dinCloud offers a robust and highly customizable backup as well as DR posture.

We offer snapshots / backups of your Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops for 10 days, as a built-in feature of our offering. If your enterprise has different priorities, we also offer a highly customizable backup plan for your unique needs, as a value added service.

Cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR), also known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is also offered by dinCloud as a value added service. This eliminates the need for a deploying enterprise to maintain a dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR) site, which is really costly.


In navigating the cloud security challenges of today, your Cloud Service Provider has a central role to play. With a cloud provider that has the right human capital, tools and capabilities, achieving a robust cloud security posture is very much attainable.

Contact dinCloud, an ATSG company, for cloud solutions and services that come with built-in multi layered security, and a lot of add-ons as well, for the unique needs of your enterprise.